Roe Roe Roe Your Boat

And of course there’s the age old debate of is the death of a pregnant woman double-homicide? This is such a perfectly emotionally charged issue for both sides of the abortion debate – if Laci Peterson’s murder was a double homicide then what separates the killing of her unborn child from abortion (note that intent doesn’t enter the discussion at all)? Americans are so hung up on the abortion debate – it’s like a fetish. I always think people miss the whole point of Roe v Wade – namely that it is about privacy. I guess my position has always been I always hope a expectant mother will do the right thing for herself – regardless of what that is – but more importantly, I don’t trust a legislative body to make valid and sincere decisions on reproductive rights. It just seems that there are much more pressing things to argue about right now than what a woman with her body. It’s like the conservative religious people are using abortion to shoehorn control – and polarize all dissent. Americans sure do love polarities. We are not a country of subtleties.

When I was a kid I remember pronouncing subtle as ‘sub-tull’ instead of ‘suttle’. I mean where the hell else is there a silent b in this language?

Notice how the ‘sanctity of life’ screamers are the first ones to line up to encourage we bomb the fuck out of another group of brown infidels? No child left behind? They’re aren’t any left to leave behind.






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  1. dan Avatar

    we have always been a people who wish to take advantadge of the poor and weak.People must realize why they are here on earth.Power is stealing freedoom away……….

    One thing my mom always said about the people who protest infront of abortion clincs (and she used to work in one) is that they stayed on the outside spewing at everyone who walked by including people who were going into the building for eye doctor apointments….

    But they stayed on the outside of the clinic protesting untill one of their teenage daughters got pregnent, at which point they came inside to get their daughters an abortion….

    That’s America for you…

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