Honorable Discharge

The sign at Manhole for this week is ‘Make sure your discharge is honorable.’ I love the slogans they have each week (they’re motto is: ‘Women and children last.’). My favorite still remains: ‘Tomorrow’s forecast: 9 inches’. Ron is in San Francisco visiting Gilbert so I went out by myself. I get so much more attention when I’m out alone… the Hole was packed by the time I left at 3 to have an omelette at Nookies where a skinny guy named Mah Harajah (yeah right – that’s really your name) walked over and sat at my table (obviously a dare from his friends over in the smoking section). They told me I had nice jeans and they’d look really good on their floor. Riiiiight. Came home. The fish tank is cloudy. One fish died this morning. I ran all the water tests and the pH is nearly to 7 along with the nitrites, nitrates, metals and ammonia.






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