You, On a Platter, With an Apple In Your Mouth

The corporate media isn’t likely to mention this any time soon. But some of you have heard perhaps that the Roberts Supreme Court is about to remove the ban on direct corporate contributions to political campaigns. This is a Big Deal. In oilman terms: politicians are about to tap the gusher of the century. If the Democrats deliver us on a platter with an apple in our mouths to Big Insurance – which you may have noticed they’re already well under way with – the lion’s share of that money goes to them. If they don’t deliver, that money goes to the Republicans. Who already had an escalated war in Afghanistan and a jobless recovery to run against in 2010. And now a de facto middle class tax hike as well. It’s not even just the Democrats’ natural tendency to sell us out at work here now. Now they can’t afford not to screw us.

via Commenter on MetaFilter


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