Category: 13. Rampant Cronyism and Corruption

  • Unsavvy People

    “[A]fter three years in which Very Serious People refused to hold the financial industry accountable, there’s a real grass-roots uprising against the Masters of the Universe. There will, of course, be the usual attempts to dismiss the whole thing based on trivialities. Look at the oddly dressed people acting out! So? Is it better when […]

  • Serving Up a Shit Sandwich

    “The one big problem I’ve always had with Obama, is that he refuses to educate the public – and to me, that’s the primary function of a president. That’s what the bully pulpit is all about. How does he refuse to educate the public? Because he lies. He refuses to call things as they are. To […]

  • Regime Change is Not Revolution

    “Plutocracy’s an easier sell when people can aspire to step over their neighbor’s corpse to join it instead of that ‘we’re all in this together’ bullshit.”

  • At a Guess

    “At a guess, it will make a subset of random minutiae of everyday life more like Facebook while we continue to change the climate, burn up all our energy without developing any sort of sustainable replacement, turn dwindling supplies of rare earth metals into bullshit lifestyle gadgets that basically serve only to functionally make people […]

  • David Brooks is an Elitist Asshole

    “Here’s the crux of what makes their system so admirable in [David Brooks’s] eyes: ‘Britain is also blessed with a functioning political culture. It is dominated by people who live in London and who have often known each other since prep school. This makes it gossipy and often incestuous. But the plusses outweigh the minuses.’ […]

  • Making the Rich Look Poor

    “Democrats have been arguing that their tax increases should solely affect income over $250,00 a year. The Journal makes that pot of income appear small by divvying it up into seven different lines [on the left]. See, the $100,000-$200,000 line is tall, and all the other lines to the right of it are short. That […]

  • Christmas for White House Correspondents

    “At the same time, I find it so strange. The jokes that are funny are the ones that are true. And this joke about Fox News — same as other jokes about Fox News from previous correspondent’s dinners — are all about its extreme bias, horrible reporting, and so on. And everyone laughs at them. […]

  • Confession Of A Wall St. Nihilist

    I may have linked this before. “Let’s throw the book at every firm and every executive that our people can make a case against. Because you know, gosh, it’s all about rule of law and blind justice, just like Che says.’ OK, so now this means indicting just about every serious player in finance, so […]

  • Past Coworker of Waukesha Clerk Kathy Nickolaus Sounds off

    She was not only incompetent, but also a fierce right-to-lifer and archconservative. If you said to her, ‘I really like hot fudge sundaes’, her reply would be, ‘We really have to stop abortions.’ Her testifying in the caucus scandal notwithstanding, this casts considerable doubt on her integrity. She knew damn well that what she was […]

  • Another Class War Diagram

        tlG0Y.jpg (612×1457).