Wheat-Free Eucharist Not Good Enough

Haley is a little girl with a severe wheat allergy. She just had her First Communion and received a wheat-free host. Now the church says that it’s not a real host since it didn’t have wheat in it.

I think the Catholic Church is the only church that still clings to Communion as the actual blood/body of Christ. When I was a kid I always wanted to take it into a lab and test for Jesus’s DNA.






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  1. orbicon Avatar

    How does the Catholic church know that Jesus was made of wheat?

  2. JC Avatar

    or which ingredients make something holy? isn’t it faith that adds significance to things?

  3. sam Avatar

    My friend Andy is a Christian and a celiac… he’s gonna love this.


    Dear Son ,We can not allow the unwothy to recieve our Lord and Savor.Soon we are going to screen out the people of the dust at the church door.We will bring our angles and get control of the heavens again.Stay away you shamed devils………Peace be with you FJO

  5. Kate Avatar

    The Church did not deny the child Communion. Communion was offered in the form of wine/blood. The mother refused. The Church has low-gluten altar bread and also “Mustum” which is wine without the alcohol. The child could receive Jesus in that form also. The mother is the one who has objected to both. Christ at the Last Supper instituted the Body and Blood out of unleavened bread (wheat without yeast/baking powder)and wine/juice of the grape. Not man. Christ gave the Church the power to loose and bind. What you loose on earth is loosed in Heaven, what you bind on earth is bound in Heaven. That is pretty clear. But the child was NOT denied Communion. It is the mother who is refusing. You cannot change what Jesus taught.

  6. Sheelzebub Avatar

    Even a small amount of gluten can harm someone with celiac disease. And most parents recoil at having their children drink alcohol (shall we offer her just a puff of a cigarette every Sunday?). If there is alcoholism in the family, the wine option would be especially untenable.

    What you are suggesting is that the child should have taken in a substance that is harmful to her. That doesn’t fly. The Church’s “options” are passive-agressive at best.

  7. Reg Sappie Avatar
    Reg Sappie

    My Suggestion to the RC church of which I once was a part. You have stated the wine was enough for true communion let her take the rice cake and let the Lord decide if He wants to change it into His Body. Its His call any way you cut it.

  8. Lynnea Avatar

    Jesus said that in Love of God and neighbor are the whole of the law. Laws are guidelines that order man’s life. They exist for that purpose. Man does not exist to maintain law. Jesus himself gave exception to following law by healing on the sabboth. He asked whether there were any among his listeners who, having lost an animal down a pit would not help save the animal, even on the sabboth. (I paraphrase) I don’t believe for one instance that, if one of the apostles was unable to consume the unleavened bread of the Passover, that Jesus would not have used something else to allow that apostle to join fully in the event. It was the action of Christ itself, and not what he used that is important. Everything Jesus spoke and did during his ministry indicated that he desired that no one be turned away and excluded from full participation. By focusing on the incidentals and not upon the actions of Jesus, the Church, once again, like the Pharisees Jesus’ time, is emphasizing following laws and not adjusting the rules to allow the widest participation of the faithful. Christlike, the church is not.

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