Waikiki Sugar Fix

Coconut trees on the Waikiki beach.

(from Monday morning)

Last night, Ron and I needed an ice cream fix so we went to one of the 38 ABCs in Waikiki and bought some Haagen-Dahz Rocky Road. We came back to the apartment to enjoy our creamy parcel (along with some dried mango slices) and realized we have no spoons.

We didn’t want to leave the hotel because we had already walked three times past these four hotel guests that site in the lobby. They had said there all night for the past three days. They are gone during the day – I just don’t understand why they sit there instead of in their hotel room – very strange. We tore apart the room looking for something that could function as a spoon.

Finally we settled on using our gym membership cards to slice and heave the ice cream into our gullets. Yes, we ate high-fat Rocky Road ice cream with our gym membership cards. We were laughing most of the way through the half-pint.

Ron also pronounced that he was ready for the vacation to be over. I was so surprised ot hear this. But I have been feeling the same way. I am too high strung for a long vacation like this and have too many things to do once I return back to the mainland.

I liken visiting Hawai’i and staying in Waikiki like going to Chicago but never going outside of Michigan avenue. You aren’t getting the full flavor of the area and there is always a familiar set of temples nearby: Starbucks, McD’s, Banana Republic – Denny’s!! I enjoyed the beach though my sunburn on my shoulders still smarts even after 2 days of aloe. I don’t always enjoy the beach – it just seems like such a waste of time. I’d much rather sit in the shade and read than apply SPF 30 and soak up rays that I don’t need. I always vacillate between wanting to get tan and dark and reminding myself that my dad has melanoma. My color never lasts – so I might as well just be glowing alabaster, right? Ron’s gotten nice and dark which is always so handsome on him. Being here has also made me realize the slight gut I have acquired and I will renew efforts to get myself back in shape for summer.

Ron checked the passenger loads on the flight and hopefully we’ll be able to squeeze into first class. This flight has no Business Class so it’s either first class or we are stuck in Economy for 8 hours. That might just push us over the edge.

We ended up not going to the pool party after all. I thought ‘pool party’ meant relaxing time and it would be good to just soak my sunburn in a cool swimming pool. But Ron informed me that it was basically going to be just like the circuit party, only in a pool. Eeek. I wonder how the rest of the weekend went. I am still floored that they had so few people at the party – comparitively. I expected a hall packed and it certainly wasn’t. I’m curious to see if that is how it usually is.

One thing that I notice about Hawai’i – or at least about Waikiki – is a lack of concern for the future or goal-setting. Everybody is just relaxing, working a crappy day job so they can pay rent and eat and not much else.I wonde rif they think about retirement plans or aspire to something more. That is just my city instinct kicking in. God forbid someone actually just live their lives without aspiring to more.

Also had to include a picture of everybody’s favorite Waikiki trough:

All you can eat.






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  1. Maryam Webster Avatar

    I can’t believe you had NO pink spoon…. (*chuckle*)

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