Category: Hawai’i Trip 2005

  • Flight to Waikiki

    (Saturday morning) It is 8:12 in Hawai’i. Ron is still snoozing away. I am, of course, still in Central time so it is noon for me. I don’t think I’m cut out for air travel. I find it totally exhausting – and not because of the time change. It just seems like the whole process […]

  • Hula's and Angles Bars in Waikiki Hawai'i

    (from Saturday morning) We came back and crashed. Got up, showered and changed and then went to Hula’s where there was a Volcano-associated event. It wasn’t the opening-night party – but I think a bar sponsoring the night for those that didn’t get tickets to opening night. The bar was a very mixed crowd – […]

  • Bautista's Filipino Kitchen

    (from Saturday morning) The first thing Ron demands it lunch at his favorite Filipino restaurant in the world: Bautista’s Filipino Kitchen (she’s also a realtor – that reminds me of Fishpond in Chicago where the restaurant is also a travel agent, phone card sales and the place across the street is a restaurant and dentist). […]

  • Waikiki Sugar Fix

    (from Monday morning) Last night, Ron and I needed an ice cream fix so we went to one of the 38 ABCs in Waikiki and bought some Haagen-Dahz Rocky Road. We came back to the apartment to enjoy our creamy parcel (along with some dried mango slices) and realized we have no spoons. We didn’t […]

  • Abercrombie and Fitch: Rumble on the Beach

    Sunday consisted of a nice walk to the beach with Jeff and Ron and then sitting in the grass and watching the world go by. Jeff’s roommate came by. His name is TJ and he is a manager for a local Abercrombie and Fitch store. He and some gal were out ‘recruiting’. The A & […]

  • Volcano Circuit Party Hawai'i

    (from Sunday morning) I am happy to report I attended my first circuit party last night. The Maui AIDS Foundation’s Volcano weekend where 100% of the proceeds go directly to caring for HIV+ people in Hawai’i. Their promo brouchure also detailed that they felt the circuit scene needed a reboot of spirituality and focusing on […]