Tsunami Kills Dozens of Americans

And up to 80,000 others.

Can Americans look any more selfish with all the hand-wringing about our own shores while these Asian countries are walled in by stacks of bodies?

I can’t imagine the health crisis in the next few weeks – if they have any disease outbreaks, this thing is going to double in size. An epidemic could total decimate the region even further. This is one of those events where I can’t begin to wonder the logistics of mobilizing teams to help the sick and dying.

Oh God – now CNN is talking about if the tsunami may have weakened the terrorist networks in the area. Thank God our Lord is striking down those Al Queda cells and the Muslim schools. That the U.S. should step up to use this disaster as a way to gain leverage in the region.

I think branding of disasters on news should be banned. There is no reason to have a fancy theme song, logo and intro for the death of thousands of people.

Updated: Robert Novak just called American aid to the tsunami victims as restributing wealth to the third-world. Now they’re comparing if the hurricane victims of Florida are getting their fair share in comparison.






5 responses to “Tsunami Kills Dozens of Americans”

  1. Dunner Avatar

    Agreed…the front page of the SF Chronicle today was photos of six Bayrea residents who are “missing”. Never mind the 80,000 others.

    At least CNN is pretending like this actually happened. The big story on Fox this morning was the two tykes who are sending cellphones to the troops in Iraq and how LA is getting tons of rain.

    I’m wondering why this is getting the press it is…tsunamis and such are not a new story in this part of the world; remember in July, when tens of millions of people were displaced (and hundreds killed) in Nepal, India, and Bangladesh by floods? Me neither.

    All of a sudden, when the people involved ain’t brown and their passports say “USA” on them, it’s a big shitfit.


  2. th0m Avatar

    Your comments about branding are the most human thing I’ve heard from an American during this whole thing…

  3. eboni Avatar

    Tring to hear what happen South Asia.

  4. marc creelman Avatar
    marc creelman

    I hate this whole thing because I think every one is a pussy. ha ha

  5. Andy Avatar

    Wow. You’re funny.

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