Tsunami Death Toll Tops 120K

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Satellite shot of tsunami sweeping in.


Satellite shot of land damaged by tsunami.

Death toll reaching 120,000 mark. And this is before the malaria and cholera sets in.

George Bush pledged $35 million dollars of aid (this was after he was called a stingy bastard by some guy in the UN). He’s spending $40 on his inauguration ceremony in a month.

$35 million dollars is how much money we spend in Iraq every four hours.

The news features talking heads hyping about what a great change this is for the United States to make a goodwill gesture to countries that are pre-dominantly Muslim (because obviously all Muslims are just dormant terrorists). This isn’t a PR opportunity you assholes – it’s a fucking international disaster!






3 responses to “Tsunami Death Toll Tops 120K”

  1. rob Avatar

    I think the thing that upsets me the most is that GWB waited 3 days after to make any public comments. And that he hasn’t cut short his vacation to work with those S.E. Asian govts. He said he didnt want to make comments until he had something to say… he should have kept quiet then.

    I am just glad to see other countries stepping up to help out greatly. I am sure that the American individual will help out greatly through donations to ARC, WHO, or other groups.

  2. sam Avatar

    Sure, the 40-50 million for his reinauguration ceremonies is mostly donated funds, but he could forego that bullshit, donate the money and pretend to be a real hero like he always does. Maybe even fly to Sri Lanka and parade around in a flight suit or something. Just when I think it can’t get worse, I find another reason, another way, to hate this bastard.

  3. homer Avatar

    I keep wondering, can Bush be more of an ass than he was last week? And he keeps proving that yes, he can be. I am embarrassed at the US govt’s reaction to this horrible tragedy.

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