Thoughts on Illegal Immigration

The immigration debate is crazy and it is a no-win situation for anybody. Unfortunately, it seems the issue of border-security remains stuffed down by the rampant racism underlying the arguments. I think this is really the wedge issue for the 2006 elections in case Iran doesn’t have the heft expected (Americans are very obedient when our xenophobia buttons are pressed).

The country cannot survive without illegal immigrant labor.

Some illegal immigrants do pay taxes.

Illegal immigrants put stress on social support systems like hospitals and other services.

Many businesses in Chicago didn’t open today not because they couldn’t open, but because they wanted to support the rights of (illegal) immigrants everywhere.

There is no reason there should be ‘jobs Americans won’t do.’

Minimum wage is 26% behind inflation.

We are a country built on immigration.

Amnesty without border security enforcement really doesn’t do much.

I would have taken my kids out of school strictly to have them witness the protest to see first hand the possibilities for social action – whether or not you agree with it. This is a ping on the radar of a greater social trend that has been cooking for a long time.

We do not have the staff to enforce the borders and having citizen patrols really makes me cringe as a nouveau Ku Klux Klan.

Assimiliation is nice but can never be a contingency for equal rights for citizens.

The Star Spangled Banner could be sung in Klingon – it doesn’t matter. The underlying ideals a country is founded on is more durable than it’s anthems, symbols and flags. Wrap the flag in a tortilla with red sauce for all I care. Deep-fry it with breading and pico de gallo. That Spanish National Anthem was a terrible mix anyway – ugh.

Many of these illegal immigrants are having children – who will become voters in a few decades.

‘War on the middle class’ really doesn’t ring true since it isn’t a concerted effort. Kind of like ‘war on terror’ or ‘war on poverty’.

If all these illegal immigrants were white this would not be a problem.

Criminalizing those who offer medical or social aid illegal immigrants punishes children here for reasons beyond their control.

We are in an endless war built on lies that is going to affect this country and it’s economy for the next five decades. Cheap oil for a car-centered culture is never coming back. Religious radicalism is dissembling science and reason and threatening the health and reproductive rights of everyone. The Executive Branch is consistently undermining the entire government structure. Household, corporate and national debt is a ticking timebomb waiting to collapse the US dollar.

Hugs, Andy

Extra – quotes from a MeFi discussion:

The thing to remember is that the vast majority of illegal aliens are people who came here through a well-developed system which is unofficially sanctioned by big business, the police, and the government itself. It’s a lot more like grey market trading, file sharing, smoking marijuana, and other illegal but popular activities then it is like stealing or assault. Yes, it’s illegal, but America is sending a huge mixed message.


Every Mexican flag in the crowd will set them back, as well as every sign and song in Spanish. These marches are going to do more harm than good, because enough of the people watching them will see an alien presence demanding power in their society, and will pass that worry on to their elected officials. No, this isn’t the majority of America, but its enough to stop any bills or laws being passed to change things today.


there is clearly a significant amount of anti-immigrant sentiment floating around in the zeitgeist of America right now. Admittedly, much of it is direct toward illegal immigrants and not all immigrants, but that sort of sentiment is easily and not infrequently transfered to anyone who even looks like they’re from another country.


I’m never surprised at the ability of Karl Rove and his cronies at Fox to find ever new ways to polarize and divide the United States by demonizing some segment of the population – and illegals are a segmnent of the population. They can’t openly defend themselves, and so the Bush administration find another easy target to draw attention away from the real problems that face America.







13 responses to “Thoughts on Illegal Immigration”

  1. Blair Dingman Avatar
    Blair Dingman

    I don’t agree with all the protesting going on. I mean you have every right and I am not saying take that freedom away but if you don’t have a social security number or do not pay taxes to the government than you have absolutely no right protesting. At the same time I don’t mind the immigrants if they are here legally. I would welcome pretty much anyone in this country if they follow the guidelines and are here working paying taxes and living like all the other average Americans that’s great. On the other side if you can’t meet the guidelines and you are jumping the border and living here and soaking in welfare and being a burden to all the other tax paying Americans than there is no room for you. Something has to give and there needs to be change, even if it takes spending the money to secure the border and all other expenditures for whatever needs to be done. Because when you look at it we are paying for the Illegal immigrants either way so we should do it by keeping them out.

  2. Andy Avatar

    Actually they do have every right:Freedom of speech applies to everyone living in the US – citizen or not.

    They should just go ahead and propose that Haliburton build the Great Wall of Mexico and then we’ll know for sure it’ll get done.

  3. Lyle Avatar

    Everyone’s focused on the Southern border.

    But, what about us willy Canucks sneaking in and taking acting jobs… and buying up property in Arizona and Florida.

    Wait till they build the great Northern wall at the 49th. Bush has already ordered a Blackhawk squadron to patrol the border between my home province, Alberta, and Montana. Gotta keep them BSE cows out!

    Lord save us from all paranoids!

  4. Beastmomma Avatar

    Good points Andy.
    Also, I think that there is a racist element here. For instance, there is a video game called something like protect the border. The goal of which is to shoot mexicans as they cross the border. It is gross. Also, I do not understand why there is not so much concern or restriction for immigrants coming from Europe.

  5. joshua cassey Avatar
    joshua cassey

    i say one of two things either start to investagate the ones here let the ones who are legal stay the ones who are not legal kick them out then build a wall and ban anymore from coming in and punish those who do sneek in with 5 years repeat offenders double to 10 or option number two an open border cause you need to let them all in or keep them all out you let some in the rest will sneak in personally need to start shooting them and tell them to fix up there own country and stop begging for sympathy while screwing up my country

  6. joshua cassey Avatar
    joshua cassey

    beastmomma the mexicans are coming by the hundreds every day instead of fixing there own country they come here europe is not that bad yet probly because they have to swim across an ocean to get here the mexicans run in and think they have the right when let us face it this crap keeps up this country will just be to messed up mexico lost some land in war now they are trying to take the us i guess all i know is i stand pretty much for a closed border to keep them out of my face and where they belong you can hate me for it i don’t care stand in line my hate club even has jackets and mixed cd’s

  7. joshua cassey Avatar
    joshua cassey

    oh those mixed cd’s are not spanish just english so learn some

  8. ashley Avatar

    i agree with you josh these immigrants that are illegal shouldnt be here. And also talk about racism those immigrants calls us “crackers” im sure that not racism to you huh beastmomma.we pay their taxes you know why there protesting? well because if they become legal then have to work for once in there lives and pay their own taxes

  9. Andy Avatar

    1) They are working for once in their lives – that’s why they’re here.
    2) Many illegals still find ways to pay taxes – it is the employers that are most worried about paying taxes.
    3) Have you ever really had an immigrant call you a cracker to your face?
    4) Most of the protests were over the legislation to make being illegal a felony as well as make felons out of any one that helps illegal immigrants.

  10. ashley Avatar

    no illegal immigrants are committing a crime and Bush has already passed the bill those who are Illegal are committing a felony and if they get caught either they get deported or they get charged. Which is a good idea i dont think these “immigrants” would except you in mexico so stop sticking up for them. i dont like them and millions more. we have this other site where we signed a petition about them getting deported and it worked. we wrote to our congressman i even wrote to the White house. telling him dont listen to vincente fox because a no body and hes a mexcian not a american WE US AMERICANS LAGAL ONES are matter what and you kniow what for once he made the right decision and im going to vote for him again

  11. ashley Avatar

    oh and andy they work under the table they dont pay taxes by the way. and mexicans they talk in spanish about you and laugh at you. you think they like you or us i dont think so.

  12. James Avatar

    Though I respect your opinions, I have some of my own opinions, and some facts as well. Being someone who has been called a “cracker” by illegal immigrants from many other countries, not just mexico, I can tell you most of the illegals I have met (and in my life I have met many) most are here to make money under the table to send back home to their countries.

    I have never worked in a kitchen with an illegal immigrant who paid taxes. Most made 300 – 400 dollars a week working at many different resturaunts during the week. They all sent most of the money they made to their family or organizations in their home countries.

    I have been beaten up a few times by illegal immigrants, called a cracker, threatened or made fun of. I do not live in a major city either, i never have. I’ve lived in small cities or towns and I have been all over. I know when spanish-speaking immigrants are talking about me because I know spanish.

    If I left out opinions on any more of your
    dissociated political views, or personal views on immigrants which you have absolutly no real life experience with.

  13. ashley Avatar Alliance

    this is where you can vote in the petition against illegal immigrants if you want to sign up

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