The Example of Norway

This post from MeFi made me want to make a few notes about Norway:

  • World’s 3rd largest oil exporter.
  • Saves oil revenus to finance future generations.
  • Norway has been voted the best country to live in for the past five years.
  • Norway has no external debt.
  • No hormones in animal feed.
  • Accept same-sex couples.
  • "i just realized how interesting it is that a country with so much oil then chooses to tax the crap outta the stuff and spends the money to save gas instead of squandering it. what a concept." 






3 responses to “The Example of Norway”

  1. KipEsquire Avatar

    Taxes as a percentage of GDP:
    Norway 47.1%, US 29.8%

    Purchasing Power (GDP per capita adjusted for price differentials)
    Norway $16,904, US $22,204

    Index of Economic Prosperity:
    Norway 1061, US 1178

    Considering the exogenous advantage a homogenous population such as Norway has over a country as diverse as the U.S., not to mention the fact that Norway didn’t have to pay for the Cold War for 50 years, I think the U.S. has nothing to apologize for in this arena.

    By the way, are oppressed and economically disadvantaged people from around the world desperate to get to Norway, or to come here?

  2. Ethan Avatar

    Do you think the article takes into account the working poor vs the ones who have been born and raised on government assistance and continue the cycle?

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