The Descent (2006)

There need to be more horror movies with an all-female cast. It divorces a film of all the cultural gender baggage and sex roles and tropes that we’ve become accustomed to in horror films. There’s no ‘pretty girl’ trying to be impressed or ‘virgin girl’ to survive. There’s no reason to explain why these girls happen to love spelunking and climbing – they just do and it doesn’t make them castrating Amazons but just girls who want to have fuh-hun.
I liked The Descent a lot.

A group of friends go caving in the Appalachian mountains and they encounter some very strange things.

Like the alien in the X-Files: Fight the Future movie, there’s something about a pasty humanoid creature that screeches instead of roars that really un-nerves me.

The movie has more of the suprise scares instead of the suspense scares (that Mr. Hitchcock says are supposed to be better) and I jumped many times and so did Ron.

Tight acting, taut pacing, claustrophic settings and a great understanding of being scared of the dark.

Highly recommended.

Advance word from Matt: Snakes on a Plane is awesome and hilarious.

Advance word from Rebecca: Pulse sucks and rent the Korean (or Japanese) original instead.






3 responses to “The Descent (2006)”

  1. Joe Avatar

    I may be able to watch “The Descent”…although I would have never thought to until I read your review. But “Snakes on a Plane”….although hilarious and awesome to some….there’s just no way. Even the trailers make me cringe……I REALLY HATE SNAKES!! :-0

  2. JB Avatar

    Heh, I remember watching that in the cinema last year. The first time you saw one of those creatures full-on, as it were, (if I recall it’s sort of standing sheepishly behind one of them) it made the whole cinema jump a mile. I actually grabbed my other half’s knee at that point!

  3. Andy Avatar

    Yeah and you got to see the original ending – the one here in the States is a bit muted and less hopeless. If folks want to see it you can Google ‘uk ending descent’ – but it contains super-duper spoilers.

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