The Complete Idiot's Guide to Israel/Palestine for Dummies

Paul over at Brainshrub does a fantastic, pretty balanced, thumbnail sketch of the Israel/Palestine conflict. Highly recommended for those in the United States of Amnesia. Quote:

Or, to boil the whole thing even further – The I/P conflict is bastards fighting bastards who are backed by rich bastards. It’s doesn’t matter who you want to substitute the first two bastards for: Israelis or Palestinians. It’s a never-ending tale of pain and woe, who’s only justification is: “He started it!”

and in part 2

Palestinians are mad that their homes have been taken from them, and the people left behind are treated like animals…. The Hebrews want a home for their people because they’ve been persecuted everywhere else.







5 responses to “The Complete Idiot's Guide to Israel/Palestine for Dummies”

  1. Maddge Avatar

    A worthy attempt, but I think it’s dangerous to oversimplify this situation through the use of umpteen analogies. I would rather see complete idiots reasearch the topic for themeselves.

  2. Andy Avatar

    Well – it’s a starting point at the very least. And nice to see someone start the narrative back with the Ottoman Empire etc.

    Did anyone catch the interview on Daily Show last night? Isn’t it disgusting that we have to turn to Comedy Central to get any kind of in-depth analysis absent on CNN?

  3. David Avatar

    Madge is a Jew, you know…

  4. Andy Avatar

    Yeah – I know. And she’s always got great analysis on these things.

  5. Joe Avatar

    I think it’s a good general overview of how the conflict started anyway. The fighting there has been going on for so long, many people don’t have a clue as to why.

    Andy’s right: It’s a good starting point.

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