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  • No Sh_t, Shylock: Anti-Semitism Goes Mainstream Again

    As I’ve said before, I’ve never really understood anti-semitism, I can’t pick a Jewish person out of a line-up. I do know that when we had to do East Coast accents and scenes from Neil Simon in acting class my Jewish acting teacher said I’d make such a perfect little mensch. I know that you’re […]

  • The Complete Idiot's Guide to Israel/Palestine for Dummies

    Paul over at Brainshrub does a fantastic, pretty balanced, thumbnail sketch of the Israel/Palestine conflict. Highly recommended for those in the United States of Amnesia. Quote: Or, to boil the whole thing even further – The I/P conflict is bastards fighting bastards who are backed by rich bastards. It’s doesn’t matter who you want to […]

  • Jerry Falwell Used Lewinsky Scandal to Pressure Clinton on Israel

    The best part about blowhards is they always end up revealing their bluster in last month’s Vanity Fair: “It was during the Monica Lewinsky scandal . . . . Clinton had to save himself, so he terminated the demands [to relinquish West Bank territory] that would have been forthcoming during that meeting, and would have […]