The Betrayal of Mary Cheney

New York Press columnist, Michael Signorile warns Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter that she’s pissing away an opportunity to bring same-sex marriage to the forefront and show her dad for the hypocrite he is:

Are you just another spoiled rich brat – the lesbian Paris Hilton – worried about getting a chunk of those 30 million Halliburton bucks should Dad?s heart conk out? [T]he next time you walk into a gay public place, be prepared for a chorus calling you everything from a quisling and a betrayer to a selfish, fiendish, nasty example of a human being. What is it like to know that your own family takes cash from people who think you?d be better off dead, and think you?re going straight to hell when that happens? History, Mary, will judge you by what you choose to do in the coming months.

Update – great comment from Metafilter:

when Mary Cheney walks into any public place, she doesn’t do so as a gay woman. She does so as a wealthy and powerful woman. It’s very easy for her to forget that being gay is a problem for anyone, and underestimate the pain she causes by working (if indirectly) against gay rights efforts.






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  1. greg Avatar

    That was a great column by Signorile. When are we going to hear from Mary?

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