Tennessee Begins Investigation of Straight Conversion Camp for Teens

Hadn’t had the time to blog this yet but it is burning up the blogosphere:

The state of Tennessee has begun an investigation in response to allegations of child abuse at Love in Action, a Memphis facility that advertises homosexual conversion therapy for adolescents, according to the state department of health.

A teen that was on his way to camp had blogged about his experiences in attending the camp – at the behest of his parents. 

"This program is operated on the will of the guardian or parent…. If it is shown that the client is overtly treatment resistant, we will work with the parent towards alternative options for their care and overall relational health."

Overtly treatment resistant? That sounds chilling.

I say we kidnap him back and then roll some canisters of CN-20. Nerve gas the whole nest.

Then nuke the site from orbit. It’s the only way to be sure.

I know it makes me an asshole but could Zach please not use blue on blue in his template?  






6 responses to “Tennessee Begins Investigation of Straight Conversion Camp for Teens”

  1. sven Avatar

    Dude have you been following this on Towleroad too? CRAZY……

  2. Jonah Avatar

    That is just incredible.. all those insane rules.. next thing you know, they’ll implement shock therapy… which unfortunately, I had an online friend who got sent by his folks to one of those “atitude correctional” facilities and for some reason they put him under local anesthesia and he had an allergic reaction to it and died… It got me sooooo pissed off!!! I can’t believe that places like this still exist… Sometimes I just wish that God would come down to earth and just whip the hell out of all these close-minded freaks..

  3. Frank C. Gallo Avatar
    Frank C. Gallo

    Please email me info on how to change Suzanne Eckel. He is a man who thinks he is a woman. Is there a camp for him? Please respond with HELP!

  4. Frank C. Gallo Avatar
    Frank C. Gallo

    I found out that my girlfriend was born a hermathrodite. I left a beautiful female wife for what I thought was fun. I am really paying the price for my mistake. I deeply regret deserting my family for what I thought was a woman.

  5. Frank C. Gallo Avatar
    Frank C. Gallo

    I need therapy.

  6. Marllon Brandão Porpino Avatar

    Who ever condones this act is a disgrace to human rights. It’s not a disease to not be heterosexual. There is no cure. It’s like trying to cure a race. Persay, is it possible to cure caucasian people? No, and why not? Because there is nothing wrong with being what and who you are. I hope whoever supports this act gets lashed viciously by bad karma.

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