Teen Pregnancy: Red/Blue Spread

Table showing that red states have higher teen pregnancy rates than blue stats.

Well would you look at that? Seems those upright morally-correct red-state teens just can’t keep their pants on.

Who let the skanks out? Must be that abstinence-only education doing it’s job.

From It Affects You.

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9 responses to “Teen Pregnancy: Red/Blue Spread”

  1. sam Avatar

    I like this new scathing Andy.

  2. Robulousity Avatar

    YAY, Missouri isn’t at the top! GO MO

  3. Matthew Avatar

    Women in Red ? Loving the red grouping. Damn its nice to be in the more popular group now aint it. Wait……I forgot to take my pill this morning !!!!! Damn it anyhow. Well, add another one percent to GA. LOL. Gotta love ya babe.

  4. Brad Avatar

    Interesting… those who tapped George Bush also tapped teen bush. I wonder how other statistics, such as the high school graduation rate, would look in such a chart.

  5. JC Avatar

    My adult life has been spent in GA, LA, and NC which are all red states. It’s strange because I do not think that I live in red communities, but then I get these reminders. I know that there are “blue” beds in these states, but we seem to be outnumbered.

  6. palochi Avatar

    Stop ’em before they breed more!

  7. bj Avatar

    gee, i hate to be the first to take issue with your post – but it IS a bit misleading. The diagram itself says PARENT, while the heading says pregnancy – there is a difference (and anti-abortion folks would tell you, perhaps right, perhaps wrong – I don’t know – the lower PARENT rate in some states would be due to abortion rates). And it seems like the conclusion I’ve seen so many people make from this is that those “red-staters” need to get their own act together before pointing fingers elsewhere. But i would argue that perhaps BECAUSE they see these “problems” up close, they have strong opinions on these subjects. Doesn’t mean they’ve come up with the right answers, but the CONCERN may well be justified by what they see in their own backyards.

  8. Andy Avatar

    Yes – ‘parent’ and ‘pregnancy’ are entirely different. All major studies of absintence-only sex-ed have coughed up terrible results compared to comprehensive sex education.

  9. Brad Avatar

    The same CDC study indicates Texas has the second highest abortion rate in the country.

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