Swan: Second Season, The

'Stepford Wives' poster clip. A woman's face has fallen and shattered on the ground.

Ron and I timed our dinner so we could be back in time to catch everybody’s favorite train wreck: The Swan. We also got into a heated argument on the benefits of plastic surgery (this is what we fight about folks). I said that I thought that there is a big difference between anti-aging type surgery and total reconstruction. For example, on tonight’s episode I thought Erica ended up looking like Janice from The Electric Mayhem and the other woman ended up being – as Elaine Benes would say – quite a handsome woman. I also question the long term effects of this kind of extreme makeover – like when the one woman was a mother and said that this is an example to her daughter of self-esteem and I think yeah, if you climb up on the butcher block. Ron is hoping for a men’s version of The Swan (The Stud?) and he wants to enter it but I try to remind him he’d be laughed out of the briefing room. But I thought to myself that if there was a safe way to gain a good four inches (in height, people) I’d buy into it. Am I the only one that thinks all of The Swans end up looking like the same version of the same woman?

Consequently – we watched the original The Stepford Wives a few nights ago. Now Ron and I walk around the gym saying to others: I’ll just die if I don’t get this recipe.

And I find it annoying that Nely Galan (the Swan Coach) has had absolutely no formal training in personal or life coaching from any ICF-accredited institution (granted, she is a pioneer in Latino broadcasting).






6 responses to “Swan: Second Season, The”

  1. Gigamatt Avatar

    I wonder just what they would offer men? Pec implants? Calf implants? Jesus… all I want is a personal trainer for 2 hours a day, 7 days a week for 6 months and a cook who can help me diet. And maybe a skin care expert. I’m no adonis, but I certainly don’t want to disfigure myself in the name of what America thinks is beauty. The Swan is just a train wreck.

  2. mark Avatar

    It’s sad to say, but I’m totally addicted to The Swan. Hell, any sort of makeover show. And yes, the all look alike. They need to switch out the plastic surgeons once in a while.

    Hmmm, maybe if they had a show for men, along with all the chest, leg and wherever else implants, they could have penis implants. Showing the before and after of course.

  3. riye Avatar

    i love the fact they remake these women only to tell one of them “sorry, you’re still not pretty enough for our pageant – but at least you now have huge tits!”

  4. Andy Avatar

    That is the part that has always disturbed me. To build them up and make them feel great and then pull one of them back down.

  5. sam Avatar

    Yup. “Even though we’ve carved off all the ugly, you’re still not pretty enough to come to our party!”

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