Spider-Man 2

Peter Parker (like Mickey Mouse) is a pussy. There I said it. He’s a wuss. He has no self-esteem to speak off and shuffles through his miserable existence always longing for something more when he clearly has the potential to do whatever the hell he wants. I hate whiny super-heroes. That’s why so many people hate Hamlet (mis-reading the hero as indecisive when in fact Hamlet is a detective story). The visual effects are lighter than air and so lack the weight that non-computer generated combat would have created. Like Azkaban – nothing seems of consequence. Kirsten Dunst is back with her THO and dye job but the movie remains an empty exercise which is a shame. Watch it with pizza and soda so you don’t feel like you’ve wasted the whole evening – it’s overlong as well. Barely any pics of Tobey’s ripped body which leads me to think he didn’t put forth the effort this time around. Also: Too much girl-screaming. What is this? Chainsaw?






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