Sociology 200 (Honors)

As I’m rooting through old old old files looking for some play scripts I stumbled across some notes from my Sociology class. It was a wonderful course taught by Profession Jerry Savells. Amazing teacher. He first turned me on to Alvin Toffler:

SOC200 HON notes for Exam 1 Savells

norms – guidelines of behavior

change & its outcomes

beliefs -> traditions (folkways, mores, laws) – gives a sense of structure

socialization – acculturation(transfer of meanings & values to next generation)

ethnographic – studying something as it is

WHY people do the things they do


private versus public self

I’m not what I think I am

I’m not what you think I am

I am what I think you think I am (Looking Glass Self)

10 Questions of Sociology

1. how do sociologists study society?

2. what does it mean to be human?

3. how is society possible?

4. why are people unequal?

5. why do we believe what we believe?

6. are we really free?

7. why can’t everyone be like me?

8. why is there so much misery?

9 does the individual really make a difference?

10. is sociology really important?

on Erikson’s Eight Ages of Man

socialization is a ongoing, never-ending, process acculturation is learning the proper way

8 stages

1. trust development newborn bonding in first 3 days of life

looking for a response

deliver of promises

2. autonomy vs doubt 2-3 years of age love “WHY?”\ hate the word no do I count?

3. initiative vs. guilt fear of failure explore w/o criticism passing on of hangups

4. industry vs. inferiority WORK peform tasks, patience

5. teens identity vs role confusion

6. late teens intimacy vs isolation -> alienation

– reinforcement, worthiness, can give/receive love

7.middle age – dreams may not be realized

8. validation for life

on The Promise

Mills died early, wrote the Sociological Imagination

biography and history form a symbiosis

ethnocentrism – we are culture bound, your group is superior

temprocentrism – we are time bound, we reflect our period

how do people in the 90s feel trapped?

stress inversely proportional to our level of control

Mills talks about alienation… (Melvin Seeman)

1. powerlessness *** others are telling you what to do

2. meaninglessness – indifference/uneasiness

3. feelings of normlessness or avalanche of norms (anomie) -too much change too fast -difficulty of choice

4. social isolation – detached Prozac & Valium top selling drugs

physical proximity does not mean emotional proximity

5. self-estrangement – voluntary isolation “I don’t care.”

FBI reports there are 40-50 serial killers loose everyday

Cathy Genovesie

leads to adversarial, on-guard

we become social spectators, not participants

loss of faith in goodness of man

how much change can society accomodate?

urbane attitudes ->don’t give a damn

outcomes urbanization


we need common values to lead to rational behavior


Dulmer – try to find the blame – parents, schools, church

everything we become we are influenced by

media heroes versus real life heroes

binge of celebrity-itis

we rely on TV to clarify our values

parents, peers, media why do people watch such dumb sitcoms?

the other-directed personality: follower

inner-directed personality: rebel – different drummer, more creative, ego, don’t have self-esteem problems, self-reliant

tradition directed personality – blind faith

functional vs dysfunctional socialization

Phil Donahue teaching people how to touch

thin-ness was not in – here comes Twiggy

many times the perception of the problem is the problem

is obesity deviant? age specificity (ever hear of an anorexic grandmother?)

48 HOUR: fast times

hurry sickness, microwaves, fast food, working for vacation, coffee, fast prayer, fax, cellular phones, Nintendo, walking on eggshells, 1/2 hour relaxation a day, buzzers, bells, clock, den mothers, Type A, beepers, watch, personal assistants (2 people to live 1 life)


how you spend your time says everything about your values

a child leaves his home because his parents do not make time for him

anorexia as a miracle in medieval times

men are picked on for being thin, women are praised for being thin

do we scream to be heard or to make noise?

Hobbes Leviathan – a society without order is a society in chaos

American Society – Robin Williams Jr

recognizing trivia can complicate a life

presentation of self – up until recently only the rich could have the time to obsess about their appearance

as long as we are ritualistic we are on auto-pilot

“When in doubt, conform”

“Hard to be a rebel when someone else signs the paycheck.”

80% of adult population show evidence of Type A profile

SUCCESS – Status!






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