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  • Sociology 200 (Honors)

    As I’m rooting through old old old files looking for some play scripts I stumbled across some notes from my Sociology class. It was a wonderful course taught by Profession Jerry Savells. Amazing teacher. He first turned me on to Alvin Toffler: SOC200 HON notes for Exam 1 Savells norms – guidelines of behavior change […]

  • Bigfoot Appears in Malaysia

    Everybody’s favorite sasquatch is back and appearing in Malaysia igfoot fever erupted last month when some fish farm workers claimed to have spotted three of the beasts — two adults and a youngster — on the edge of a forest reserve in southern Johor state. Their improbable tale was lent some authority soon after when […]

  • Cuddle Party

    I’ve always wondered if this existed. An event for adults to get together and explore affectionate touch and communication without it becoming sexualized. Maybe next time I lose my job I can be a cuddle escort. No sex – just spooning.

  • Fashioncore

    I tell you – there’s nothing more hardcore than men wearing women’s jeans. (via Thom)

  • Museum of Flight Attendant Uniforms

    Honey this one is for you. Ever since my early childhood, I have been interested and fascinated by the world of aviation. When I was a small boy, I wanted to become a flight attendant. That was my big dream and my big dream came true! As I travel the world, it gives me the […]

  • Raise Your Own Chickens

    I love this. K5 has a tutorial on raising your own chickens for eggs and meat. Chickens are a very enjoyable animal to have around. The gentle clucking is very comforting to listen to and their antics are enjoyable to watch.

  • Happy Birthday Dungeons & Dragons

    Countless hours I spent in my early teens as the adventurous Mage Trazen. I even had my own island of Rebow where my populace was happy to be ruled by such a noble and courageous sorcerer. Times used to be you could solve any problem by casting a Magic Missile spell. The Beeb gives the […]

  • Sex Offenders in Your Area

    My sister sent me this link to Public Data’s sex offender database. Wow. I got a ton of them living all around me. Criminal Check

  • Happy Birthday, Blue Eyes

    One of the most bad-ass women that ever lived turns 96 today. Yep, that’s right. My grandma. My mom’s mom. Agnes. I’ve written about her many times before and how she is a prime example of an undying faith and devotion and survival. This woman would pray and stuff would happen. I swear she had […]

  • 1 Minute at a Time

    I love the movie Fight Club. I’m sure you think I’m a total tool given that the movie posits all of these anti-corporate statements and is gleefully nihilist but remained a media product of the Hollywood system. I still love it. I had it on my laptop while I was working on my desktop last […]