Shaun of the Dead

Matt and I went to see Shaun of the Dead on Sunday. It was good to hangout with him. It is so funny that we all have our own lives now and our time to together is a respite from those lives – instead of the entire reason for th em. I love his girlfriend. She is so fantastic and energetic and cute and un-damaged.

When I saw the previews for Shaun of the Dead I didn’t think I’d want to see it but once I found out that it was a British import than I thought perhaps it’d have less American-style Jim-Carrey humor and be geared toward more British-style witticism and lunacy. Which it was. Plus, it had a heart. I love horror movies with a heart. It really is a solid romantic comedy along with being a solid horror movie.

The beginning is great because as the zomb-pocalypse begins our hero doesn’t notice. People shuffling through their miserable lives look surprisingly like sans-braineating undead. That entertains the question, what if the end of the world is happening right now but is so similar to our daily life that we don’t even notice? I often thought that the rapture/apocalypse wasn’t going to be one giant concentrated, sped-up event but that the worst part about the end of the world would be if things gradually just slowed down, further and further until it all just finally stopped.






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  1. Tim Avatar

    I loved this movie. I have been telling everyone to go see it. It’s such a great mix of humor, horror & gore, and heart. Glad I saw it opening weekend, that way when it becomes a huge cult hit, I can say I saw it right at the beginning before all of the great word-of-mouth it’s bound to get. I like the fact that the movie is more about the zombies getting in the way of these people going about their ordinary lives. I also agree with you that the fact that it had heart was a big plus. Choked up a bit at a couple of spots.

  2. Jef Avatar

    I like the phrase “cute and un-damaged.”

    “SWF, 35, cute and un-damaged, seeks sensitive, caring, fit male who isn’t gay.” HA! HA! HA!

    I thought “Shaun of the Dead” looked good too. I love the title.

    That’s an interesting thought about the end of the world. My great, great aunt used to think social security numbers were the mark of the Beast. Personally, I think the Nike symbol may be more appropriate.

  3. Matthew Avatar

    Sounds like an awesome movie. Glad you had a good time. Is it getting cold up there yet ?

  4. philtre Avatar

    Shaun of the Dead is a great movie! When I saw the trailer, I thought the comedy was a bit too goofy, but since British comedy rarely disappoints me, I went to see it. Not only is it hillarious, but it’s an awesome zombie flick, with blood and guts a plenty. The Dawn of the Dead remake just plain sucked (except for the baby scene, which scared the shit out of me). Even Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Latter was really good (British again, of course).

    A good horror movie is not about the “Boo!!! Gotcha!” scares that many American flicks rely on. I hate it when they turn on the sound effects and there’s a big bang and then you find out it’s only a cat jumping from a dumpster. That’s so cheap.

    A good scare is something like a good orgasm: prolongued and increasing in intensity. Like that scene in Lost Highway when Bill Pullman sees the Mystery Man’s face for the first time, or the ending of Carrie. Or perhaps the chestburster scene from Alien. That’s the stuff that makes you pump andrenaline.

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