Setting Back the Herd

Dunner waxes on the homosexualists displaying predatory sexual behavior in public places:

It’s a long road towards achieving true equality for gay men and lesbians, and it starts by “owning” your behavior. We need to stress that being gay is nothing to loathe. We also need to stress that there is a time and a place to be flagrantly gay, and public places aren’t on that list.

As Jerry turns to George and says:

“We’re trying to have a civilization here!”

True: the queeniest, flamiest most super-fey fabuloso should have full inalienable unrevokable civil rights. So should the basest, most predatory, (consensually) sex-crazed chronic cruiser.

But you can’t deny the collective sigh when any minority fulfills the negative facets of its own stereotype.

(Conversely, George has also screamed: “You know, we’re living in a society… and we’re supposed to act in a civilized way!”)






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  1. Jeffrey Avatar

    It’s true — and what’s so sad is that it’s a double standard. Take his line, “Now I know what a hot woman walking by a construction site feels like.” They get away with it because there are just so many of them. (We could also discuss how unacceptable heterosexual male sexual urges are channeled down a different path—socially condoned violence—but let’s not cloud the issue.) We not only have to behave better than they think we are; we have to behave better than them.

    But it’s not that simple, either. Hate is not based in rational thought, and even if we behaved as models of decorum, they would still hate us, simply because we are different. If anyone knows a way of getting around that, I’d love to hear it.

    But I’m not holding my breath.

  2. Jonah Avatar

    Hey Andy! Hmmm.. I don’t know if the gay community is more sexual than the rest of the world.. I’ve met some definitely over-sexed females and guys in my life. And everybody’s seen the reality shows we have these days with guys and girls making out with each other left and right, not to mention all those damned late night HBO and Cinemax soft-core porn movies that I used to watch for kicks as a kid. But the second we fags come out with a gay pride parade or a sitcom, the conservatives go nuts and call us sex-obsessed… Then again, what’s wrong with loving sex? =)) I say, if it’s safe.. BRING IT ON!!! =)))

  3. dez_cadenza Avatar

    Well, I understand the need to promote gay relations. There is this Nazi/racist who goes by the names little_oswald and max_power and constantly bashes gays, yet tells them they should embrace white nationalism.

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