Secretly Ordained Women Face Excommunication

As they say, ‘hilarity ensues’:

Nine women are referring to themselves as ordained priests and deacons in the Roman Catholic Church, risking excommunication after a secret religious ceremony on a boat in the St. Lawrence River.

When our new Pope was a cardinal, he had 7 women kicked out of the Church for somethign similar.

Hey ladies: change denominations – there are other churches that will fully value your talents and commitment. But I think this next part is really icing Ratface’s cake:

"Just as the waters broke in the wombs of our mothers, so we break open the waters of Mother Church and welcome her daughters into equality."

Anybody remember when those women did a ceremony to Sophia (Wisdom) at a women’s Catholic conference? People went apeshit over that.

Just think if they started marrying same-sex couples? Wouldn’t that just be the bomb?






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  1. Pfalz prophet Avatar
    Pfalz prophet

    I second your call for RCs of whatever gender or stripe to switch denominations. Expect life in Papa Ratzi’s church to get less rewarding and more punitive. Go UCC, Episcopalian, or MCC. Women can go Methodist, Lutheran or Presby, gays may be welcome soon as pastors in ELCA, as they are today in the first three. As one very astute Presbyterian observed, they’re just implementation strategies for salvation, after all. Excommunication? Whose idea was that? It just ain’t Christian.

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