Ron's Laptop Was Stolen After All

And it is Monday.

Kitty here on the bed sleeping already – he is worn out from a night of sleeping.

Ron isn’t crazy. He ran into a neighbor who said his laptop had been stolen out of his locked apartment. So Ron did have his laptop with him on his flight home and did have it in his apartment.

Someone broke into Ron’s locked apartment, grabbed his laptop, and then re-locked the door.

The neighbor says that they (the management?) suspect that it is some tenants on the third floor – seven guys all in one unit – but that they don’t have enough information to actually do anything about it. That’s bullshit. If there’s seven guys living in one studio apartment they could surely inspect the unit just on grounds of living conditions and occupancy laws. Ron is trying to get his locks changed as soon as possible – but we’re not even sure if that is going to make a difference. Maybe we’ll have to go to Home Depot and install a padlock ourselves.

If there’s seven guys in one room on the third floor that probably means meth. They probably go through apartments during the day, grab stuff and sell it for drug money. This might also be how Ron’s digital camera got lost last year.

The only sunny side to all this is

Ron: I told you I’m not crazy! I never forget anything! I was right!



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3 responses to “Ron's Laptop Was Stolen After All”

  1. Richie Avatar

    You should set up a trap, utilizing a Rube Goldberg type mechanism that ultimately sprays the perp with itching powder. You can go a step further and spring for the sulfuric acid, but you might damage the furniture. If you want some tips on setting one up, check out The Goonies or Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.
    Setting traps is the only way to catch evildoers. I once did a Chris Hansen type internet trap to catch one of my boyfriends cheating. Works wonders!

  2. David Avatar

    Andy, everybody knows Rons the NORMAL one. You’re the one who’s crazy…

  3. Eric G. Schneider, D. Min. Avatar

    Hey, wars are fought over pie!!!

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