Roll Your Own Coup

So the CIA drops you in the middle of a country of uppity brown-people, how
do you start a coup? It’s as easy as 1-2-3. Steven Kinzer, author of All
The Shah’s Men
, tells how the U.S. indulged in it’s first coup of a government.

do you go about overthrowing a government?
What do you do on the first
day? He started bribing members of parliament and leaders of small political
parties that were a part of Mossadegh ‘s political coalition. Within a couple
of weeks, he had 80% of the newspapers in Tehran on his payroll. The Mullahs were denouncing Mossadegh as an atheist enemy of Islam.
He actually at one point hired a gang to run through the streets
of Tehran, beating up any pedestrian they found, breaking shop windows, firing
their guns into mosques. He hired a second mob to attack the first mob, to
give people the impression that there was no police presence and order had
completely disintegrated.






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    a very interesting read

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