Richard Simmons

Did you really have to wear a tank top on Larry King to talk about a national tragedy and its fundraiser? Don’t you have like a formal long sleeved shirt to wear? I mean yes, you can still have the rhinestones.






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  1. palochi Avatar

    There was that… (ugh)

    … and then there was the Celine Dion rant/breakdown/command performance which followed Richard’s segment.

    Yes, I realize that if you donate $1M to the hurricane efforts, you probably deserve to have your 15 minutes of bitching about the government, et al, and the whole f*ck-up of not doing enough for the survivors on Larry King’s show.

    However… what was up with the hand waving? And the dramatic tears? I kept waiting for her to start pounding her chest mid-rant and break into the theme song from “Titanic”.

    Which… well… she sorta did, except with a different song.

    Richard may have zero fashion sense, but Celine’s batsh*t crazy.

    And Larry, for all his good intentions with the special, still comes across as a celebrity hack.

  2. Andy Avatar

    Yes. Celine Dion was out of her mind.


    Though I kinda relished the “I’m a diva. And I have been asked to sing. And now, yes, I must sing…” pathos.

    And I wish someone would tell Larry King to sit up! Or get a back brace. Or tilt is chair back so he is parallel with the camera lens.

  3. Andy Avatar

    Celine’s tirade is up:

    “The main thing right now it’s not the people who are stealing. It’s the people who are left there and they’re watching helicopters flying over their heads and they’re praying. How come it’s so easy to send planes in another country to kill everyone in a second, to destroy lives?”

    Video available.

  4. mark Avatar

    French Canadians are an expressive peoples….

    What wasn’t mentioened in that piece was that Louisiana was one place where Acadians – now Cajans were exiled from Nova Scotia in the late 18th century and there still is a strong connection between those two areas and Quebec.

    They were exiled for not comforning to British rule and were considered “a threat the national security.”

    AND….most people I know are wondering the same things: why did it take so f*&king long to get in there and who has the right to judge people doing what they need to do to survive? (isn’t all that stuff going to end up in some insurance claim anyway?)

    Not to mention, the media has now let everyone in the world see that either the USA isn’t as strong and capable as it has been “shoved down our throats” or……….do you remember the movie “And The Band Played On”?

    Vancouver had a S & R team on the ground Wednesday. They were told they had to wait for security to be restored. Nice.

  5. Donna Avatar

    Here are some links to Baton Rouge TV coverage about Katrina: is broadcasting from the studios of Louisiana Public Broadcasting. is a collaboration between Channel 2 and Baton Rouge newspaper, The Advocate. There is an amazing day by day archive of video documenting this event.

    There is a report from Monday, August 29 title:
    Levees topped in St. Bernard, Orleans Parrish.

    Today, the Homeland Security czar reminded us that this was a two step catastrophe, the storm on Monday and then the levee breech on TUESDAY. Looks like no one is paying attention. (Hope Connie Rice enjoyed Spamalot

    Getting local information from local folks makes more sense to me. Seeing it through the eyes of someone from somewhere else, filtered through a big city producer, it looks like a whole different story. And it ain’t pretty.

  6. Damian Avatar

    Wasn’t Celine expressing what so many of us are thinking?
    How awesome to see a “star” have the guts to actually say
    what they feel without sending it through their PR person first!
    Americans are dying from neglect right in front of our eyes,
    for f*cksake, and you want to trash someone for not just being
    another bullshit talking head about it!
    …and who gives a f*ck what Simmons is wearing if he can help

  7. The Malcontent Avatar

    I have some priceless Richard Simmons video from ET last night …

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