Prussian Blue

2 12 year-old twins, white power folk singers.

‘Prussian blue’ is slang for the residue left by Zyklon-B in the Nazi concentration camp gas chambers. Prussian Blue is 2 twelve-year-old twins combining Catholic schoolgirl outfits, a beer commercial twins theme, sexualized girls and extreme genocidal hatred:

We think that they should work to look as good as possible by working out and dressing nice to show that people who are White Nationalists are not scary, but good people.

There new album, Folk the System is out now.

I was going to make some sort of fembot Ann Coulter mention but I’ll let Palochi have the honors.







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  1. Bingo Avatar

    have we learned nothing from the olsen twins….

  2. Robert Avatar

    OMG, OMG, OMG, Noooooooooooo

    That is scary

  3. Jake Avatar

    They could be the poster children for post-natal abortion.

  4. mark Avatar

    It’s rare when I’m totally speechless. I usually have a comment for pretty much everything.

    Not this time.

  5. palochi Avatar

    I’m going with the Olsen Twins clones concept too. The Olsen Twins, as we all know, are the result of decades of scientific efforts to clone Eva Braun by mixing her genetics with those of a chipmunk. The same technique was used with Hitler’s genetic leftovers, which resulted in Robbie Williams.

    I’m kinda liking the name of their event “Folk the System” as the title of my comeback CD release. I’ll make sure to send these people copy. I’ll bet they’ll love the fact that a part Jewish, part German, part Russian, former Catholic, loudmouthed angry cocksucking radical queer with ‘tude will be using it, too.

    Sidebar: You do know where the name “Joy Division” (the band that eventually became “New Order”) comes from, right?

  6. SteveW Avatar

    Folk white power….see what i did there?! Were these the girls on Louis Theroux’s TV show a year or so ago? I can jus picture their pushy mum, when they reach “that” age, hookin up the DVD Twins Who Love ‘Folk’ – White-on-White Action. There’s that “folk” pun again, god i’m good…..

  7. ari mendoza Avatar
    ari mendoza

    haha u people are scared of anyone who is different from you! and to the guy who mentioned abortion, did you mean you wish you had been aborted? shame shame shame on you

  8. SteveW Avatar

    yup, the two little girls scare us all….well, i’m personally scared of how ignorantly they’ve been raised…dumb americans never fail to scare!

  9. Darklight Avatar

    The race war is coming….thank God the children have not been blinded by the “political correctness” of this stagnant society. Wake up people, and see the truth. Proof is all around you regarding superiority. Let’s all be “correct” and dumb ourselves down… Folk you!

  10. Norman Bubis Avatar
    Norman Bubis

    Where did this come from ?
    Who is behind this ?
    Obviously 12 year old twins cannot do this on their own.

  11. Yama the Space Fish Avatar

    Well, Darklight, I see you already have your weapons prepared.

  12. TK Avatar

    There was an article on The Twins in Vice Magazine a couple of months ago, in the “Hate” issue.

  13. Patrik Bjurefjäll Avatar

    I get a hard-on with my kortkuk when I see these girls, just as when I get beaten up by nazis here in Gothenburg! Long live the Revolution!

  14. Earl_Turner Avatar

    If they were black twins with baggy pants and backward baseball caps rapping about gang violence and killing cops you guys would love them

  15. Ilya Avatar

    Right, it looks like another (opposing) side of medal (sorry for bad English). Even in Russia there is too much motherf***ng gangsta rap on Music TV channels now (and somebody from russians “very talent” musicians trying sing rap.. looks stupid like niger with russian balalaika).
    I don’t like any naciz, too much blood on their ideas (and communists so), but this all fat nigger faces on TV, surrounding dollars, gold, cars, guns, bitches.. not all peoples think, “this is so fun”…

  16. Oscar Yeager Avatar

    These girls are extremely well educated, especially on matters concerning race, and understand racial issues at an extremely high level

  17. BLargh Avatar

    They aren’t well educated at all. I blame the mother really. There is always two sides to every story, and yet, they consider one side but not the other. I have two words for that- NARROW MINDED!
    Race war, my ass. Racists are putting up a losing fight, dears and it’s all thanks to something called BETTER EDUCATION.

  18. Terry Fierstein Avatar
    Terry Fierstein

    “Prussian Blue” is not ‘slang’ for anything. It is an actual colour that was mysteriously ABSENT from the alleged gas chambers. It should have been present if zyklon B had actually been used. This is just one reason of many why millions of people call it the “Hollow-hoax” or “Hollow-Co$t”.

    Oh, and where is this “extreme genocidal hatred” you mention? The only genocidal hatred I see advocated in our society is directed towards white people. Why do wankers such as yourself see white people who appreciate their own culture and heritage as some kind of abhorent evil?

  19. riess Avatar

    all children should be raised with the knowledge that their purity is something to be proud of, and not something to waste on some big black spook cause he has got such a big weener

    dutch pride!!!!

  20. Erik Avatar

    Why shouldn’t White people be proud of who they are!

    if a black person says black power its hailed by all the political correct left winged people!

    if i say White Power i am a racist!

    i don’t hate any races, but i hate the people who try to colonize my own Fatherland! i support every nationalist, whatever color he has, as long as he stays in his own land!

    a black person can be a racist too! but they are never punished!

    proud to be White!

    btw, 50% of my friends are of other races, and they agree with me.

  21. riess Avatar

    thats true erik, just like those athletes at some olympic games many years ago, when they raised their fists and yelled black power, it was concidered to be something patriotic, and if i raise my fist and scream white power then im everything, from a nazi to a racist and god knows what in between

  22. Yama the Space Fish Avatar
    Yama the Space Fish

    50% of zero is still zero.

  23. DVS Jackson Avatar
    DVS Jackson

    I am black and my penis is no bigger than average.


  24. PRime Avatar

    There is a difference between a black person yelling black power and a white person doing the opposite. For centuries all over the world, black people have been socialized to hate everything about themselves. Their yelling black power is a sign that they’re attempting to retake their dignity. By the way, which would you rather have, domination of a particular music genre (rap) or domination of the world?

  25. 3peacespacesuit Avatar

    White people should be proud of their heritage…and they should keep their race pure….if they have any of intentions of their race even being around in the future. LOL.
    I understand your plight white man. Cause when your white women FLOCK to black men (And white men also flock to black women), a funny thing happens. That baby always turns out looking……..come on now……I know you know this answer people……….BLAAACK!! That’s right, gooooood!
    So it is most important that caucazoids try and keep their race pure or they will CEASE to exist. Why you ask? A little something called genetic inferiority. That is all…enjoy your day and your Nazi music people.


  26. The young voice Avatar
    The young voice

    the saddens me to sit here and read all of these hateful things yu people put on here ((and that wasnt racist that was say you people in the term of the haters)) i mean God made all of us so what if we arent pure it doesnt matter as long as we are decent humans which with racism you are not. why hate on people for being any color its not right for anyone not white, blacks, asians ect. racism is not accepted for any rce to hold. why can’t you all get over your insecurities of your color and just learn that color is a beautiful thing. Be proud of you ethnicticity but dont boast and put others down. Kindness will get you a far way so why dont you try it.

  27. The young voice Avatar
    The young voice

    another thing it doesnt matter whos penis is bigger i mean really they say itialians have you all beat so get over it hating on others is not going to change youself

  28. Robert Avatar

    “As a nation, we began by declaring that all men are created equal. We now practically read it ‘all men are created equal, except Negroes.’ Soon it will read ‘all men are created equal, except Negroes, and foreigners, and Catholics.’ When it comes to this, I should prefer emigrating to some county where they make no pretence of loving liberty. To Russia, for instance, where despotism can be taken pure, and without the base alloy of hypocrisy.” Abraham Lincoln, in a letter to Joshua Speed, 1854.

    I, John Brown, am now quite certain that the crimes of this guilty land will never be purged away but with blood. From a note just before he was hung in 1859.

  29. Another Young Voice Avatar
    Another Young Voice

    This is the sad sad result of worthless parenting. What is going on here? Those before us fought the racism battles so we wouldnt have to deal with what we have right here before us. Are people so afraid of other races that they are forced into prejudism? It isnt right and its a thing of the past. We have worked very hard to change our generation so that we are above such petty accusations and unrealistic beliefs. What does race have to do with anything? We are all human, all working for the same thing. We all live life and most of us have the same goals. We all pride ourselves on different customs and traditions. No one is superior to anyone, and those who believe that need to wake up already. Quit being narrowminded and insecure. Why are we trying to bring back what weve already worked past? World War II wasnt fought for no reason. The Civil Rights activists didnt go through what they did for no reason. We are past this, we are better than this. And its about damned time we realize that we are all here to stay, so we might as well get along and work through the differences to become a better world or we are just going to be caught up in this never ending battle of narrowmindeness.

  30. Robert Avatar

    “…Humanity is outraged in me and with me. We must not dissimulate nor try to forget this indignation which is one of the most passionate forms of love.” George Sand. “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. ” Martin Luther King

    “The Irish enjoyed the widely circulated jest that the “Know-Nothings” have altered a portion of the Declaration of Independence, making it read thus: ‘Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Irishmen.” The anti-Irish Catholic hysteria that Lincoln refered to.

    Pastor Martin Neimoller. He lived in Nazi Germany. Arrested, and sent to a concentration camp, he survived, and said this:
    “First they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out, because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the communists, and I did not speak out-because I was not a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out-because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

    From the movie “Crossfire,” 1947

    An anti-semetic soldier named Montgomery kills a Jewish soldier, then kills another man to cover up the first crime. Police Captain Findley is talking to a young soldier named Leroy, in order to get him to help catch the killer.
    “Well…alright Leroy, but I’d like to tell you one more thing, then you can go if you want to. About a hundred years ago, in Ireland, the potato crop failed. It was serious. A lot of the Irish came over here, immigrants. Their talk was different, like yours, Leroy. Their religion was different. They were Catholics, most of them. They settled down in different places. They liked it here. One of them I know about, he’d been a farmer, stayed in Philadelphia. He worked, and saved to buy some land. He thought of himself as just another man living in America. But suddenly, one day, he looked around, and saw that something had happened. It frightened him. Fear and hatred of all Irish Catholics had developed, and spread like a terrible disease.
    He saw that he wasn’t an American anymore – He was a dirty Irish Mic – a priest lover – a spy from Rome – a foreigner trying to rob men of jobs. He didn’t understand. He didn’t know what to do. He didn’t do much of anything – he couldn’t. One day when a bunch of men attacked his parish priest on the street, he waded in to help the priest. He managed to get him inside a store. That night, on the way home from work, he stopped off for a beer. When he left the bar, two men followed him, carrying empty whiskey bottles. They didn’t meant to kill him, they were just going to rough him up a little. They didn’t start out to kill, they just started out hating, the way Monty started out. But twenty minutes later, my grandfather was dead. That’s history, Leroy, they don’t teach it in schools, but its real American history, just the same. Thomas Findley was killed in 1848 just because he was an Irishman and Catholic. It happened many times. Maybe that’s hard for you to believe, Leroy, but its true. And last night, Joseph Samuels was killed just because he was a Jew. Do you see any difference, Leroy? Any difference at all? Hating is always the same, always senseless. One day it kills Irish Catholics, the next day Protestants, the next day Quakers. Its hard to stop. It can end up killing men who wear striped neckties – or people from Tennessee.” Leroy was from Tennessee.

    When this race war they keep talking about breaks out, I know what side I will be on! Those swastikas they wear will make nice targets.

  31. Potty Porter Avatar
    Potty Porter

    This band should seriously be stopped. I’m not saying that they don’t have talent. But when they preach all this racist ideology, it is not okay. I don’t even know why there is such things as “white nationalism” because the U.S. belongs to all of us, not only white people. I mean, if we think that way, we might as well give the land back to the American Indians; they were here first. These girls don’t know the suffering of others because they haven’t been in the shoes of the people different from them. And

  32. Joe T Plow Avatar
    Joe T Plow

    “SteveW Says:

    December 21st, 2004 at 9:44 am
    yup, the two little girls scare us all….well, i’m personally scared of how ignorantly they’ve been raised…dumb americans never fail to scare!

    Wow, so you’re making fun of racists by talking shit about an entire country.

    You’re a fucking jackass.

  33. Ann Avatar

    I believe that NO one is better than anyone.It is sad that our world still has hateful poeple like those twins. Their mother is putting very wrong things inside their head. Just because she was raised where racism exists, doen’t mean that she should continue passing that idea on. It is not right. God made us all equal, but you probably don’t even believe in him. What is wrong with you people? Just because someones skin is darker than yours, you should dislike them? I can’t believe the two girls support Hitler. So, they support killing humans? Well, I just want you to know that your message won’t EVER get anywhere! Those two twins can’t even sing good. You won’t ever change this world just because of what you believe. So, keep believing your crap because, it is very sad. You have alot more people hating you than liking you!

  34. Bob Avatar

    How sickening. Those two girls only sing about th ehatred and their disgusting thoughts. Those two are two little f*gs

  35. Danklin Avatar

    When I first ecountered the words “prussian blue” and read about these stupid girls, (actually their mom and in prisoned father, both Neonazist) made me very angry.

    Life is what we live, the place is planet earth, the race is: Humans and Animals.
    That’s it.
    We are all the same, we are all different, we are all the same.

    The human race will move on, but the narrowminded will, and if they like their idol, they should do the same thing. (commit suicide with a Luger-gun)

    I’m a musician and I have no problem communicating with people, not depending from where we are from. We all speak the same language no matter what the barriers are on a certain day level, in the music we can speak freely through our instruments and we know when we are talking music, jazz, funk, hiphop, we are united. There is no need for racism. But somehow, for certain people it’s inevitable, but that’s only the way of the weak and the poor.

    Be yourself, give eachother strenght, let people in to your life and realize this is not hell.. this is LIFE.
    And life is worth living.
    Wherever I go, I take the customs where it’s meant to be.
    No matter what religion I belong, I’m either part of everything or nothing. I hate to be narrowminded, and undoubtingly, those with narrow minds will never see the light or be as smart as we can be, who can give respect to one of eachother. ( I perform with a united band consisting of Japanese, americans, Germans, Swedes, Nigerians, Kongo, Jamican and we all can co-exist with the respect we give eachother. So grow up people, put down the barriers and start LIVING!)

  36. Andy Avatar

    Those two are two little f*gs

    I know you mean figs and not fags.

  37. ich Avatar

    Schwarz schwarz schwarz sind alle meine Kleider.
    Schwarz schwarz schwarz ist alles was ich hab.
    Darum lieb ich alles was so schwarz ist, weil mein Schatz ein Schornsteinfeger ist.
    (this is from a song of the band. i’ve only corrected the stupid faults…)

    *muahahaaa* those stupid girls don’t speak german, do they? otherwise they should know that “Darum lieb ich alles was so schwarz ist” means “therefore i love everthing which is black”. (in fact, this song is just a song for children and has really NOTHING to do with nazis. well, but people like these girls aren’t THAT well knowen for their intelligence…)

  38. lala Avatar

    I pity these fools, and i hope God helps them, because they need help.

  39. lala Avatar

    Like seriously, we are all created to potientially do the same thing, and just because one race happens to excel in something, that does not make them superior at all. I don’t judge others; i guess i’m too Christian for that. But i will be praying for these two girls; hopefully they’ll meet a friendly Black or Hispanic person and realize that they are not as “evi” as they depict them to be. We are all part of one beautiful race: the human one. We are all brothers and sisters, let us no longer be divided by skin colour.

  40. Lars Avatar

    Having read about those two girls all I can t hink of is something a famous german painter, Max Liebermann, said when being asked what he feels now the Nazis rule: “I just can’t eat as much as I want to throw up!” – The problem is, that the thing about post-natal abortion mentioned by someone else above does not really help the problem – the problem is not children who are taught evil things but stupid and ignorant grownups who teach children stupid things.
    why not take all “white power”- lovers and ship them alltogether to the antarctic – there they would only see whites, so they should live happy and would not be bothering us others any longer…

  41. Jimbo Avatar

    I dunno why everyone likes them so much anyway. The songs are crap, they cant hold a note to save their lives (sound like having an asthma attack) and I think a chimpanzee must be playing the instruments.

    Their music is almost as bad as this guy:

  42. Mutton Dagger Avatar
    Mutton Dagger

    These two are a little treat, aren’t they? I mean, who wouldn’t be tempted by their message of compasion and equality for all. All you have to do is look at their sweet little faces!

    However i would recommend singing in tune if they are thinking about launching an all out assualt on the music charts of the world. Not that they would have any ideas about world domination of course. Well, not in a music sense anyway.

    Rock on!

  43. DavidBonner Avatar

    My music is bad, however my lyrical content is pure and focuses on the real issues of todays society. My hatred for fax machines and the internet. Check me out at:

  44. CJ Avatar

    How’s about we all just get together and get jiggy. Des all dis sh*t goin on in da world and I fink dat we need to just get together and make sweet boogaloo – no matter what color asses we have.

    Even though dose girls are pro white, I recon when their older I’d love to give em a bit of dis bruvva and his ebony wand. YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT WILLIS!!!!

  45. DavidBonner Avatar

    I dunno what all the big hoo har is aobut these girls anyway. Their music is crap, the lyrics are so poor, they cant sing, they’re breathing is all wrong and the instruments are so toss!

    I am a musician and I think people should start addressing the important issues of the world like the ones discussed in this forum, or (like in my music) my hatred of fax machines and the internet. Go to

  46. BlackPower Avatar

    Black bitches are much better than those skinny pale-ass muthafuckas you call white! There ain’t nothing I love more than a bitch grinding her big juicy hump right in my face before me and my homies teach that bitch a thing or two! White asses are just too pale man, too pale and too skinny for my liking. Dem black asses are just finger-lickin good yo!!

  47. CraigS Avatar

    It’s sad that these little girls minds have been warped by what is likely, her parents minds that had been warped before them. I suggest that these racists take a trip to auschwitz to see for themselves the brutality of these hanus hanus criminals.

  48. GeorgeWBush Avatar

    I have a couple of nukes going spare, how’s about we use them on these racist biggots? They’re not just proud of being white, they sing about “Victory Day” when they’re race will reign supreme. This is just madness (and that’s coming from me!!!).

    Its like watching the spawn of Satan rise up and write shit songs about how great it is to be a Nazi – lets face it the only difference between us all is a good suntan.

  49. DavidBonner Avatar

    I recommend a listen.

  50. Tarquin Moo'lon Avatar
    Tarquin Moo’lon

    I feel compelled and contest some of the views presented on this website. In particular, I find those of BlackPower very disturbing and frankly, way off the mark.

    The casual way he throws around terms like ‘bitches’ and ‘big juicy humps’ makes my blood boil and my gorge rise. His sweeping stereotyped observations have no basis in fact and show a shameful lack of appreciation for the females amongst us.

    “White asses are just too pale man, too pale and too skinny for my liking”

    This may be so, Mr Power, but that is your opinion only. I have seen a great many “white asses” in my time, many of which were rotund, if not morbidly obese and found them all to be a delight. The often greenish tint to the skin is often complemented by strange, milky smell that i find strangly compelling.

    I hope you give the issues i have raised here some thought, and mend your ways.


  51. BlackPower Avatar

    I love black asses, i cant help it – I JUST DEM ALL, IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES!!!! I JUST LOVE ASS!!

  52. Henri Avatar

    J’aime le pussy

  53. Robert Avatar

    I’ve got a song for you. Its from the band Red Rider, called “Lunatic Fringe”
    “Lunatic Fringe / I know you’re out there / You’re in hiding / And you hold your meetings /
    I can hear you coming / Know what you’re after / We’re wise to you this time /
    We won’t let you kill the laughter / Lunatic Fringe / In the twilights last gleaming /
    This is open season / But you won’t get too far / ‘Cause you got to blame someone /
    For your own confusion / We’re on guard this time / Against your final solution/
    We can hear you coming / We can hear you coming / No, you’re not gonna win this time
    We can hear the footsteps / We can hear the footsteps / Way out along the walkway
    Lunatic Fringe / We all know you’re out there / can you feel the resistance /
    Can you feel (the thunder)

    This song is dedicated to the memory of Raoul Wallenberg, a man of peace and courage

    Lyrics not sung “But in these new dark ages / There will still be light / An eye for an eye /

    Well before you go under” Written by Tom Cochrane 1981 LP “As Far As Siam”

    I hope you will all look this song up, and listen to it.

  54. DavidBonner Avatar

    Sorry Robert, I dont think much of your lyrics.

    How about this, these are mine…….

    Ocean Love Song

    I don’t want to talk about politics
    And religion is bound to bring me down
    Same thing goes for all the trouble in this world of ours
    But the ocean’s calling out for me …you see

    I love everything that lives in the sea
    My favourite subject – definitely
    And the sun and moon are very nice
    Viewed from a mountain paradise

    Lying on my back in the shape of a star – in the sea now –
    Sun shining down on me – and I feel happy now
    Oh – my ocean lover – so salty and blue
    How can we save you – how can we help you to survive? – Oh oh…

    I don’t want to talk about politics
    And religion is bound to bring me down
    Same thing goes for all the trouble in this world of ours
    But the ocean’s calling out for me …you see

    I love everything that lives in the sea
    My favourite subject – definitely
    And the sun and moon are very nice
    Viewed from a mountain paradise

    Lying on my back in the shape of a star – in the sea now –
    Sun shining down on me – and I feel happy now
    Oh – my ocean lover – so salty and blue
    How can we save you – how can we help you to survive? – Oh…

    Repeat Chorus.

    Basically, it conveys my hatred for fax machines and summarises my contempt for the internet. I hate them, I hate them both, I FUCKING HATE THEM!!!! AAAAHHHH, I FUCKING HATE THEM ALL!!! AND ALL OF THE FUCKING BEEPS AND FLASHY LIGHTS THAT THEY FUCKING DO!! FUCK THEM, FUCK THEM ALL!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!!!!

    I need a lie down after that.

  55. The_Todd Avatar


  56. Jeff Avatar

    Having looked at both of these lyrics i would hgave to say that Mr Boner wins by a nose. I suppose that it helps that i share his views on such communication systems such as the internet and fax machines.

    However, i would be intruiged to know how he feels about scanners. I scanned my face for a prank once and am now partially blind in one eye. I can laugh about it now and it’s quite an icebreaker at parties, but i have to admit that if there i had known about the possible side effects then i may have re-consided doing what was at the time, a hilarious bit of drunken revelry.

  57. Karla Avatar

    ok well i cant imagine these two little girls saying stuff the way they do ant they dont even know about what really happened i think they should go to the museum and see what really happened!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i seriously blame there MOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Derek Avatar

    From the mouths of babes. It occurs to me that when I was eleven I pretty much took everything my parents told me as truth. Now I am 23, and have found, in most cases, my parents were wrong.(at least in my opinion) I truly hope this will be the case for the NAZI twins.

    I do believe everyone should be entiltled to their own opinions. So, although I am disturbed by this, I will not lower myself to the barbarian type of thinking that has gone into developing this “act.”

    It seems that in this world we live in people would have finally realized that EVERY person is different. I don’t think there is a race on this planet that has not had one of its members commit a crime. So, with that being said how can one race be declared better than another? But more to the point what does it matter? If you believe that your race is supreme, where does it get you? In a special fan club or something? Do you get a special discount card at Wal-Mart? WTF?

    All in all, in my opinion when people talk about race issues, they are actually reffering to social supremacy. When it comes down to it the real differences that people hate are due to money. Social class is the real problem. 95% of Americas money is help by 5% of the people. Don’t believe me? Look it up.

    As far as these girls and what they represent are concerned, the best thing to do is ignore them. Ignorance breeds ignorance.

  59. Chuck Avatar

    Lynx and Lamb show hope for a future. If they succeed in shutting them down then truly you are:

    Welcome to my nightmare!

    I am living in a nightmare, whence I cannot awake. Welcome to my Nightmare.

    This is the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave. Whisper the truth in the brave, free land and they call you a bigot. Suggest the obvious and your are a fascist. Welcome to my Nightmare.

    We give cash money, free medical services, food stamps, free housing, and utility subsidies to the poorest class of society, as a payment for producing welfare babies, usually illegitimate. Those who pay the taxes for these services-the workers-must first pay their taxes and then pay retail prices for goods and services. Welcome to my Nightmare.

    Everyone can do everything as well as anyone else, whether they can or not. If the test results prove otherwise, change the tests. We no longer value equality of opportunity, but rather equality of result. Equality of opportunity means that some will fail; therefore, boost up all those who might fail, even though now no one may succeed. We must now discriminate in favor of minority children and grandchildren, and against other children and grandchildren, in the name of justice. Welcome to my Nightmare.

    Lawyers and judges control every facet of our lives, public and private. No one is safe from a lawsuit, no matter how ridiculous. Policemen cannot arrest, teachers cannot teach, bureaucrats cannot administer, without fear that they soon will answer to somebody’s lawyer, for some half-forgotten mistake. So, in many cases, they do nothing at all. Welcome to my Nightmare.

    You may speak these words privately, because everyone knows they are true. You may not speak them publicly, because then you are intolerant; you despise the and you smile upon oppression. We adore freedom of speech, but do not dare use it. Use it, and we will punish you. Welcome to my Nightmare.

  60. BlackPower Avatar


    I have a big black ass, but that dont stop me from luvvin dose white bitches! Same thing for dose white bitches luvvin my black ass! so why cant everyone just start luvvin everbody elses asses – no matter wut color they is??

    Man, choo is seriously screwed up man!!

    Even do I do lurve bangin hoe’s, I do have a serious point to make. What is the difference between us all really? apart from white dudes cant dance, black dudes have big dicks, and asians are good and computers and shit?

    Man lets just all get together and get naked – fuck eachother and enjoy it!

  61. BlackPower Avatar

    ….oh i forgot to mention, black bitches have big asses, which I lurve. I also lurve skinny white asses but dat all depends on what mood I is in. Who knows, I might want both at the same time!!

    ha ha ha, y’all know I love pussy – dats right!!

  62. Tarquin Moo'lon Avatar
    Tarquin Moo’lon

    Hello Chuck. I’ve read over your post and feel compelled to write back. At first i belived that you were living in a nightmare society and that this was causing you a not incosiderable amount of mental anguish, but now i see that i had to read between the lines! This paragraph in particular is very telling:

    “We adore freedom of speech, but do not dare use it. Use it, and WE(!) will punish you. Welcome to my Nightmare.”

    It seems that YOU are the one who will punish us for using our right to freedom of speech. The way you announce “Welcome to my Nightmare!” at the end of every paragraph reminds me of the way that Tina Turner screeched “Welcome to the Thunderdome!” in Mad Max 2. It’s a threat alright, a promise of oppresion that you seem only too willing to carry out.

    You fill me with fear and some other, more confusing emotions. Perhaps you and Mr Power should get together and hammer something out. Perhaps i could watch.

    Until we meet again!

  63. BlackPower Avatar

    HA HA!!!!

    black power knows it yo!!!

  64. BlackGurl Avatar

    I hate those wanna-be Oslen twins. They think they are all that. they hate black people well black people hate them.I agree with the abortion guy they should have aborted.

  65. shocked Avatar

    i have just read all these comments, and i have to say, i am quite shocked that anyone could feel positive about these scary girls. black people are open about being black because, for thousands of years it was a curse to be black, you would always be of lower class. jews have been discriminated against since shakespeare and before, and the holocaust which makes me upset that these girls are on hitlers side. most of the people that followed him, feared him, is that what we want our nation to be? i thought the world was becoming a better place,
    i thought the world was losing all its racism, and hopefully one day that will be true, but not for a very long time.

    and that thing about black and white people having black kids, theyre only going to have children with people they love, so that kid would be loved and have a much better, open life than those of nazi loving white people.

  66. BlackPower Avatar

    dats right bitch, whut choo sayin is true man.

    color dont mean shit, as long as we luvvin eachother and shit.

    I’ll bump and grind any shorty dat look good, whites, blacks, japs, nips, jews, any! Because we is all de same underneath. Each race does have its finer points tho, for example, blacks have got dose big bubble bootys, whites have fine titties, japs and nips – well they’ll do just anything man, and Black Power means ANYTHING!!

    There wuz dis one time, me and a couple o’ homeys were workin on dis asian bitch, den she starts yellin and hollerin saying dat she no like it up dat hole? well we wuz like, “damn woman? wuts up?” til we figured out that she no like gettin worked on from behind by two guys at a time, y’all kno wut am saying ha ha? Anyhoo, dis story dont really have much to do with race and shit, but hell – I JUST LURVE TO FUCK MAN!!!

    Anyways, I guess my point is fuckin – dats natural shit. Hatin – dats evil shit. Evil shit is bad. So lets be good and just fuck!

  67. ingeborg Avatar

    poor girls…maybe they’ll end up dead like most nazis did

  68. Geoffrey Avatar

    Here’s hoping!!

  69. againstthe shit Avatar
    againstthe shit

    i don’t know about any of you guys. I’m white and i like all types of people. But someone had a point earlier when they said blacks were treated like they were inferior to everything, so they should be able to do all the stuff they do. I really wouldn’t care cause it has nothing to do with me or my own life. I have seen people throwing up the white power sign but i think it’s really stupid. Most black people don’t even have the advantages a white person has. so all the white person is doing is just making a fool of himself. I’m not saying we shoudn’t be proud of our race. I alsothnk we should mix it up. My husband is black and we have a wonderful child. Yes he does look black but we love him all the same.

  70. againstthe shit Avatar
    againstthe shit

    Oh yeah I don’t blame the girls. I blame the people they learned it from. But those girlsare gonna get their asses kicked if they start saying that shit to the wrong person. The mom should have not been stupid enough to teach her kids that. If not for her but for her kids own safety.

  71. BlackPower Avatar


    About time dat sum one agrees wid me on interracial luvvin. Damn baby girl, I dont even know what choo looks like but you got me trippin just thinkin about yo pink white ass, workin up to a big black dick, before you gets pounded by a brutha.

    I’m diggin wid what you and your husband is down with, the whole marriage and love and shit – its cool.

    thing is, dat shit aint for me man. Only one pussy to fuck for the rest of my life? dat shit just aint happenin man!! Anyhoo, y’all might kno already dat I lurves to fuck so if dares any bitches wantin to bump and grind wid a bruvva, just mail me at

  72. Colonel Boothroyd Avatar
    Colonel Boothroyd

    As a military man, i can confirm that there is very little difference in the performance of different races in the armed forces. When a man’s spirit has been broken, be he black or white, and he has been reduced to nothing more than an instrument of death and destruction – willing to go beyond sanity and mercy to reduce another human being from a thinking, emotional entity into nothing more than a bleeding meatbag, that is when you see that deep down we are all the same. Well, apart from the gooks obviously.

  73. Pablo Christiansennn Avatar
    Pablo Christiansennn

    allo i am a white man and i am tired of “black power”. he might not be a rascist but he definitely a sexist.

    I like the ladies as much as anyone else with a willy (not included gays – dont get me started on fucking faggots) but I dont feel that i have to describe my sexual preferences to everyone in this forum.

    how would blackpower like it if i said that I like it when my wife ties me up covers my balls in jam and gets the dog to lick it off??? exactly – i’m sure he would prefer I hadnt shared that little nugget of perverted secrecy with everyone.

    and for the record, your comments about asians are quite rascist. not all of them yellow bastards are good at computers.

  74. Ivor Pie Avatar
    Ivor Pie


  75. Chris Gurgenson Avatar
    Chris Gurgenson

    How can ‘Againsttheshit’ say that white people have an advantage over black people?

    Although i have never met a coloured lady or gentleman, i recently watched the documentary ‘Blade’ and was shocked to see what i assume is an ordinary example of a black man indulging in all sorts of karate-kicking high jinx. He was able to be shot, stabbed and thrown from impossible heights with no obvious ill effects.

    Now call me naive, but if i tried half of these in my local high street, then i think i would be lucky to get away with a night in the cells. At worst, it could mean hostipal time.

  76. Mr lovva lovva Avatar
    Mr lovva lovva

    To me it seems the girls are a couple of ‘lesbos’ and not in fact ‘twins’. My evidence, simply look into their deep black eyes, you can see they crave the ‘shaven aven’, if you all know what I mean.

    I’m not racist (I give money to all kinds of people and crips) but these little muff divers need to be taught a lesson, and I’d like to watch!!!

    Yippe kai ye, mutha fuckers.

    Mr lovva lovva

  77. Chris Gurgenson Avatar
    Chris Gurgenson


  78. Andy Avatar

    You guys really like your teen-bop nazis don’t you?

  79. Jimi Bunting Avatar
    Jimi Bunting

    What’s not to like?

  80. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    I hate ’em as much as you do! I’m a black 12-year old girl, but I can speak proper english like any streotypical white kid! I’m bent on destorying this band and putting their mom away. My grandma told me about those girls, and one of our church members- who is a black woman- is in Cali- where the little buggers are stationed! WTF did their mom teach them about hating everyone who isn’t white?! Heck, I even saw a picture of them making a snowman that looked like Hitler with Dresden! We will stop both them and Rahowa! I HATE THEM! I BLOODY HATE THEM! AAAAAAHHH!!!!!! Um…sorry…I just figured out that I hated Hitler…um…bye.

  81. Fanny the Tranny Avatar
    Fanny the Tranny

    you is a mentalist

  82. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    First of all, WTF is a mentalist? And the proper way to say it is ” You are a mentalist.” Why do they have those Stop Immigration shirts in the stores where they are?! WTF did they even make them?! I have a mixed neighborhood filled with blacks, Hispanics, Asians, and whites. WTF would they call anyone who isn’t white a minority?! We’re just as important as any white person! Please leave me a reply, shocked. And BlackPower…please use proper English and calm down.

  83. Black Power Avatar
    Black Power

    Ha Ha Ha Kendall you is wack man! Hey baby girl, dats just way that a talk, thats my language man. When you is older, I might even talk to you in my first language – the language of lurve you knows wut i’m saying man!

  84. Fanny the Tranny Avatar
    Fanny the Tranny


    you know that George W Bush?

    Well he’s your boyfriend he is. and You LOOOVE him you do.

    For the record, a mentalist is YOU and YOU is a mentalist.

    Kind Regards,

    Resident Tranny

  85. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    BlackPower, you perv! You can forget about love! And Fanny, I don’t love Bush. I don’t even like him! Well, he’s gonna hafta retire in 2 yrs anyway.

  86. Black Power Avatar
    Black Power

    Kendall, baby, c’mon girl – relax. I aint gonna touch yo ass man, well not at least until you is older, ha ha!!

    Anyways, I aint no perv man. A pervert is a dude whos not gettin no luvvin, and just likes lookin at tits and ass all day, jerkin off. Well dat just cant be me, cos although I do look at tits and ass all day, I aint jerkin off man, them bitches be jerkin ME off DATS RIGHT!!!

    Now I’m gonna be straight with y’all, Black Power – well, he’s a big guy, you know whut am saying? And, I like to fuck. I like to fuck pussy, theres no two ways about dat shit. But if some muthafucker came up to me and started sayin shit like “hey blackpower, why dont choo get outta my face man!!”, I think I’d have to open a can o’ whupass on their ass. Unless it was a bitch o’course, cos den me and some o’ ma homies would start workin on her tight booty until she was screamin for mercy, and we would crescendo all over her tits, face and ass!!

    Ha ha ha man, I know y’all must know by now, but I just love to fuck bitches man, I JUST LOVE THE GOD DAMN PUSSY!!!!

    …and ass.

    I just realised dat whut I said has nuthin to do wit dis blog. Erm, racism and shit is bad man – dont do it.

  87. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    Yeah, you’re right. Hey, what say we desrtoy their band? I heard that they got under hot water when they said the money donated to Hurricane Katrina victims should go to whites only. I’ve heard crazy remarks from them before, but that time, they went way(And that’s a BIG “way”) too far! They shoulsd be forced to go to a predominantly Black church like that one dude who assaulted a Black guy! For example, mine. And to ingebord…I sure do hope they end up dead like most Nazis.

  88. shazi Avatar

    yer, these chix suk man im blak kinda, wel brown … and i dun lyk dem, they look lyk sluts newayz … theyre meeeeen. were al very multicultural and we shud respect others opinions, but that duznt mean dat we rub ur opinions in their faces and force them to take on our own opinions … my friend sed dat not me … directed at the prussian blu chix … first to grow up and actually understand what theyre singing and not be so hollow … fkn retards

  89. gracey Avatar

    yer i agree … theyre hoes

  90. gracey Avatar

    nah i dunt reckon their hoes just that they need to truely understand what their doing and understand the consequences! brain washing is bad! plus how kan u take a blonde-folk singer seriously? Hitlers dead… they need to accept that and move on! they just have to accept the world as it is and stop trying to change it! its already screwed up enough!

  91. johnny Avatar

    hey yer, i agree with grace and shazi … wen they is olda they is gna look lyk hooooes …. lol nah i duno , they trying to hard, lyk i dun even rkn theyre dat mainstream so y are they even trying … stupid tossers … they myt hav al these african dudes after them or sum dudes dat myt be good looking and they gna think is hot … nd wat r they gna do .. shoot them?? naaaaaah … when they hit puberty how r they gna control theyre … um … how do i say it … whu they lyk …. wat if they r randomly attracted to sum blak guy or sumone, but they dont want to bcuz they dont lyk them … but they really dooo … but they dont want to … then wat r they gna do … elope and betray their mother and like go live on an island … that wud make it better for everyone 😛 aity im out, I LUV GRACE AND SHAZI … C UZ AT SKWL

  92. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    Oh come on, guys! They’re not whores, they’re just bloody crazy. I saw somewhere their mom called the other races absymally stupid!

  93. Peter Duncan Avatar
    Peter Duncan

    When I was on the set of Flash Gordon, I formed a conversation with a Black gentlemen – one of the caterers. Anyway, I can say that he formed a well-structured argument as to the feasability of the pedestrianisaton of Norwich City centre. Suffice to say, it would be unfair and innappropriate to agree that (in my experience) all other races other than white are stupid.

    If we were talking about sexes, then obviously the female sex is abysmally stupid. Women are only good for 3 things: sucking, fucking and blowing!

    I think me and Black Power would get along like a house on fire, as I would recon we have sterling similarities in our respect to women (or ‘Bitches’ as he so elequently puts it).

    I have never banged a black woman before, only teabagged one, but I would very much like to.

  94. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    Hey, I heard they got found out by ABC news cameras, singing,”Aryan man awake, How much more will you take, Turn that fear to hate, Aryan man awake”,and begging the whites there not to mix races. I bet they don’t like the Gorillaz cuz they might have two white guys(Murdoc and 2D) but they have a Japanese girl(Noodle)who is my favorite member next to 2D, and a Black guy(Russel).

  95. shazi Avatar

    hey peeps its me again, i didnt literally mean they were whores fool, i jus say dat bout errbody whu i dun lyk … jeez … newayz, i dunlyk dis … peter duncan character, u r totally degrading women, well u guys are just tossers … pd … ur one crazy fool man … i wunder how ur gf wud feel if she heard dis … ormayb u aint gud enuff to get oen … HA … newayz … bak to da topic, i dun lyk these girls and they probly wontlike me cuz im blak … dou rekn if i met them nd i poked them or accidentally pushed past them, do u rkn theyd b lyk “OMGGGGGG … I HAVE TO GO WASH THAT AREA WHERE THAT DIRTY GIRL TOUCHED ME … BCUZ SHE DOESNT HAV BLUE EYES AND BLONDE HAIR” AYYYE … did u kno, i dun even rkn dese girls are naturally blonde, they islyk lightlight dirty blondish light browney, cuz in sum pics i see dey gots regrowth … so haha … they aint real aryans or watever …. i duno, they justaint tru blondes … well they might b cuz theys stupid

  96. Peter Duncan Avatar
    Peter Duncan

    Shazi, what’s the matter with your typing??

    Uz TIPE lyk a r3tard!!!

  97. T. Dalton Avatar
    T. Dalton

    Timothy here. Having known Peter from his our days on Flash (ah aah!), I can confirm that he is neither solely sexist or racist, but a cunning mixture of the two.

    I remember one particular incident on set when Peter, Prince Vultan and myself were enjoying the delights of a couple of Ming’s(the Merciless)servant girls. I think one may have been black.

    “dive!” Vultan roared and began to tuck into a particularly tasty pie.

    Suddenly I hear “Flash Gordon approaching!” and turn around to see Flash with his pants around his ankles and that familiar look in his eyes.

    “I’m riding the skin boat into tuna town!” He screamed, eyeballs bulging and began to shuffle forward, drool bubbling on his lips.

    Well, we all knew what Flash was like, but Peter was new in town and didn’t take kindly to the interruption. He moved like a blur, taking Flash by the throat and groin and together they rolled into the pit of eyes.

    Peter was first to his feet, teeth bared and smelling of sex. He caught Flash with a quick one-two to the face and throat and then went in for the bear hug. I looked across at Vultan, both instantly realising that Peter had made a fatal error.

    Suddenly the sleeper woke! A mighty roar burst from Flash and he headbutted Peter twice in quick succession, loosening his grip and then unleashed an uppercut that drove his opponent into the far wall.

    Now I knew where this was going. Flash still hadn’t been satisfied in the only way that mattered, and as I saw his eyes focus on Peter for the fist time I knew I had to intervene.

    “Freeze! Yer bloody bastards!” I screamed as I jumped into the pit.

    “Get out of my way Timmy,” Flash breathed “I only want what’s mine!”.

    I think it was then that I knew I would have to kill him.

    If he got a hand on me, then it would all be over. I was certainly no shorty, but in real life Flash was nearly 7ft tall and had the reach of a baboon. It was time for a distraction.

    I took out the American Football that I kept stashed in my pants for emergencies and threw it towards my adversary. A glazed look came over his face – a look I’d seen many times on his face at orgies just before eruption, and then as he realised what it was hurtling towards him it changed to one of rapt, contented attention.

    This was my chance!

    I sped forward with the speed of a puma, spun three times in the air, and scissor kicked Flash in the face before he had even had the chance to catch the ball.

    Just before he fell screaming into the waiting nest of eyes, I was almost sure I saw a look on his face that was half shocked, half aroused – and then he was gone.

    “Gordon’s alive?” Mewled Vultan, as I dragged Peters unconscious form out of the arena.

    “Not this time old friend, not this time.”

  98. Peter Duncan Avatar
    Peter Duncan

    Ah, I remember it actually! Well, I remember eating that tasty tasty pie and hearing that big fat fuck flash come booling in.

    The rest of it is much a blur actually. I woke up in Tescos car park with my cock hanging out of my tights (yes, that wanker didnt even give me time to put my dick away) and couldnt talk for a week.

  99. James Mong Avatar
    James Mong

    Reading these latest replies has reminded me of an only too similar situation.

    On a recent ‘trip’ to Amsterdam, I found myself in a rather embarrassing clench with a male prostitute and what can only be described as ‘the filthiest midget in Holland’. Having paid the going rate to be entertained by my well hung African friend Condor Hotrod, I suddenly realized the ‘vertically challenged’ midget was trying to help herself to my wallet. As I was wearing my trousers at the time, I thought this was some kind of depraved sexual encounter I had heard of years before back at boarding school, however to my horror the little gypsy had set the whole thing up. Well what was I to do? I asked her to remove her small hand from my trouser pocket as I removed myself from Condor. Condor looked at me and whispered the following words…’for Queen and country James?’ to which I replied, ‘No, for me!’.

    As you can imagine, the whole episode was very embarrassing for all involved. I made my apologies and left the premises to rejoin my wife and children on a visit the Anne Franks dwelling.

  100. Queen Elizibeth Avatar
    Queen Elizibeth

    Congratulations Mr Mong, on reaching the 100th post!

  101. Wacko Jacko Avatar
    Wacko Jacko

    Get the fuck outta here chamone!!

    Dats right!

  102. Wacko Jacko Avatar
    Wacko Jacko

    anyhoo, in my opinion, anyone who dunt like Ludvig is a cunt.

  103. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    You’re one to talk, Peter Duncan! You can’t type any better!

  104. Peter Duncan Avatar
    Peter Duncan


  105. Homemade wax…

    homemade wax, madam tuso, meguires,
    zaino car wax…

  106. Peter Duncan Avatar
    Peter Duncan

    toss bag

  107. Peter Duncan Avatar
    Peter Duncan


  108. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    Hey, guys, y’know what I found out? Okay, get this: according to the 2003 Census, there are about 194 million something White people in this world! So Prussian Blue and RAHOWA might as well give up! They’re not trying to preserve the White Race! They’re only weighing it down!

  109. Peter Duncan Avatar
    Peter Duncan


  110. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    WTF Is Minge? Duuude, you just used up like,5 comment boxy thingys just to spell MINGE.

  111. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    Deleting the other letters doesn’t make it better!

  112. Peter Duncan Avatar
    Peter Duncan


  113. Peter Duncan Avatar
    Peter Duncan

    its basically, the female part. the fanny, the axewound, frontbottom, gash, poody, etc etc etc.

    e.g, Blackpower might use minge in the context of “hey babygirl, i cant wait to be up in your minge”.

  114. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    Well WTF didn’t you just say so?! Lemme guess: The “minge” is a woman’s …thing where she has her period sometimes, if you know what I mean.

  115. Dr Hammertime Avatar
    Dr Hammertime

    Kendal, as a doctor i feel obliged to ease your confusion on this matter.

    The ‘Minge’ is, as my famous actor friend Peter said a general term for the female front bottom. It is interchangable with a great many other slang terms such as ‘hanging bacon’, the ‘cum dumpster’ and the famous ‘badly packed kebab’.

    For example, when out with a group of friends, you could say:
    “that girl’s got a minge like a wizards sleeve.”

    This would denote that the girl in question vaginal walls had become slack, either through neglect or a life of high living a low morals.

    I hope this is the end of the matter, but if you need any assistance please let me know.

    On a personal note, do you like the taste of ‘gentleman’s relish’?

  116. Peter Duncan Avatar
    Peter Duncan

    I say, who fancies giving it a little bit of a suck on the old pipe?

  117. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    Dude, I’m 12. I don’t do that kinda stuff. If I did, my parents would ground me for Life. I can’t Live without Sonic Riders!

  118. Peter Duncan Avatar
    Peter Duncan

    Sonic Riders??

    sounds like a vibrator to me.

    you cant be 12, I bet you’re 43.

  119. The Baron Avatar
    The Baron

    Pooty-tang y’all, pooty-tang.

  120. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    No,no,no! It’s a video game that has Sonic in it. They all have the word”Sonic” in it, then what kind of game it is. See, Sonic Riders is kinda like all the other Sonic games, except for he’s got new shoes, sunglasses, and all the characters ride on Air Boards/skates/bikes(Except for Eggman, he always rides on bikes).
    Haven’t you ever heard of Sonic The Hegdehog?! Dude, if you haven’t, you’re a total loser!>:)
    And btw, I am 12. I don’t mess with vibrators.

  121. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    WTF won’t anyone write me back?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! Does everyone not like me anymore? If that’s the case,then :(. If y’all died,:C.

  122. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    WTF IS EVERYBODY?!>( Why haven’t you sent me any replies for…a week and 3/4?! Have you all abandoned me?! Whatever I did or said, I’M SORRY! I REEEEEAAAAALLLLLLLY miss you guys!

  123. Mia Avatar

    I think these girls see things their own way and we should respect that no matter how much we don’t like it, to each their own right? If these girls decide they don’t like other racis then f*** them who cares get on with your life. But in my opinion every person is a living human being no matter what skin color you have or what race you are. I read an article about the Nazi twins and they said that they wanted to leave california (which they referred to as Mexifornia) because they said there was a mexican family that moved in and that all they did all day was sit in the garage with the door right open and drink beer all day.WTF Im part mexican and my family does’nt do that. A white male/female could have been doing the exact same thing.there ain’t a diffrence.

  124. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    Yeah,I agree with you. And btw, thank you for leaving a comment!! I thought everyone had abandoned me!^_^

  125. Peter Duncan Avatar
    Peter Duncan


  126. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    Well,it’s about time you came back!>_

  127. The Baron Avatar
    The Baron

    poody tang y’all, poody tang.

  128. T.Dalton Avatar

    Mia raises some interesting points in her post about the plight of Mexicans in today’s society.

    I remember when i was filming ‘The Living Daylights’ back in ’83 when Q walked onto the set with a tasty latin piece. Now, i’ll do anything with a backbone, but latina ladies are a particualr weakness of mine and Q knew it.

    ‘Salutations Timmy’ he crooned, while his coffee coulored goddess gently nibbled at his wasted earlobe.

    ‘Didn’t think you had any scenes today, old timer’ i bit back between clenched teeth.

    ‘Oh i don’t’ came the retort ‘but i just though i’d pop by and introduce you to Chantico here before i rip the back out of her, if you know what i mean?’

    I knew alright. Cunt.

  129. Charles 'DDT' DeHomm Avatar
    Charles ‘DDT’ DeHomm

    What have the Mexicans done for us apart from create the delicious fajita recipe and gift us the wonderful Warrior Priest, José Morelos y Pavón? I agree with Mr Dalton that Mexican ladies tend to be a little ‘spicy’ but from personal experience, they tend to not look after their pubic region.

    I have also been a minor celebrity myself, back in ’64 I had a 5 episode stint on the popular programme ‘The man from U.N.C.L.E’ where I played an evil genius beseiged with inner turmoil and guilt. Needless to say, the whole thing ended in tears but I did meet my boyfriend on set. We are still together and bizarrly, some family research revealed that he is actually my uncle!!! What are the chances, I tell thee.

    Toodle pip.

  130. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    They’ve done a lotta stuff like…created some of the words that we use in the English Language and stuff Like That!

  131. Charles 'DDT' DeHomm Avatar
    Charles ‘DDT’ DeHomm


    You uneducated fool, we have the English to thank for our language. The Mexicans speak Spanish anyway my love. Should you be invited to visit a Mexican home for dinner, drinks, or just to visit, understand that this is quite an honor no matter how humble the home is. I do accept the Mexicans can be a friendly bunch but on holiday a number of years ago (I believe I was visiting Tijuana) I met Jorge Hank Rhon, an inspirational politician. He advised me to curb my bisexual ways, but I was torn between the love of a good man (Jeremy Pound) and the sumptuous curves of a female prostitute (Valonda Penny). After much personal anguish, i thought fuck it, and we all made love. Not long after I coined the phrase ‘In for a Penny, in for a Pound’ which I believe is used in parts of the UK now.

    I need tablets not to get it up.

  132. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    …Yes. AND the French, and germans, and Japanese,etc.

  133. Charles 'DDT' DeHomm Avatar
    Charles ‘DDT’ DeHomm

    What’s wrong with the French, Germans and Japanese Mr Maxwell? I love a good bagette, shnitzel or birds feet (a delicasy in Japan) with a glass of milk. I bet these Prussian Blue terrorists have never experienced anything other than either being seduced by a boy with a skin head. Actually, i bet they have been to Germany, back to the nazi land, hunting down the innocent whilst getting inspiration for their next album. When I had a recording deal back in the seventies, we sang about free love and the v’s (that shit you get round the rim of your dick!!), good times. Some days I took so much shit that the weeks flew by. Before I knew it, it was 1998 and I was screaming, ‘Let’s party like it’s 1999!!!’ but then I realised my friends had gone and so had the feeling in my left leg. I now walk with a limp, but would I swap this for the good old days……I fucking would because I can’t moon walk anymore.

    What a twat.

  134. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell


  135. Charles 'DDT' DeHomm Avatar
    Charles ‘DDT’ DeHomm

    Apologies Ms Maxwell, where I come from the name ‘Kendall’ is associated with males and from my experience, males with very small penises!!! You are also correct in stating the French, Germans and Japanese have given us so much, but were you wanting to include genocide, poor human rights and torture techniques? I think not my little pumpkin. Where are you from Ms Maxwell? Do you lie awake at night longing for the touch of a good man or woman? Are you even a girl? Are you a 52 year old twisted pervert who is looking for his next thrill, well if thats the case, I’m not your next victim sonny jim, I’m a mans man, I work 19 hour days, I sweat blood, i sometimes drink oil, I’m a golden God, I’m the grand master with the three mc’s.

    Turtle power.

  136. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    Okay,Lemme answer your questions.
    1.No. I don’t dwell on stuff like that.
    2.I am from Indiana
    4.Yes,I’m a girl!
    5.No I’m twelve.I hate pervs.

  137. Officer Brie of the Wank Police Avatar
    Officer Brie of the Wank Police

    Good day to you all, my name is Officer Membrane of the Wank Police.

    This is a friendly warning. Please keep ALL wanking to an ABSOLUTE MINIMUM!

    Thank you.

    Officer Membrane.

  138. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    o_0 WTF is wanking??

  139. Officer Brie of the Wank Police Avatar
    Officer Brie of the Wank Police

    Keep in that frame of mind my good man, and you will be free from prosecution.

    Its a rare treat to find someone so naive as yourself Mr Maxwell – a rare treat indeed. Unless of course you have tenacious self-discipline.

    Most men I encounter in this profession are well-versed in all manner of acts of self depravation and “solo copulation”. AKA, shaking milky white cocnuts from the veiny love tree.

    I must commend you, commend you I say. Its a shame everyone in this jizzfest of a wank-pit that people call earth, aren’t like you Kendall.

    A terrible shame indeed.

  140. Dave Wank Avatar
    Dave Wank

    Hello again ‘Officer’, i see you are spreading your own special brand of fascism to another corner of the internet.

    Demonising those who open themselves up to the pleasures of the quickening hand serves no greater good, indeed impresionable youths like Mr Maxwell could be irreperably harmed by your half-baked instruction and ideals.

    I’m not here to argue with you my friend, just to ask that you show some leniency and some understanding. Mr Kendall is entering that time in a boys life where he can shut his eyes, lube up, dorn some headphones and pretty much wank solid for a day. It’s a great time, one which sould be celebrated (although not actually celebrated as that may be embarassing) and you should not attempt to sully it in any way with your dark age morals.

    It’s time to slip and slide Kendal. Let loose the milky pellets from your purple headed shotgun with a smile knowing that you are doing what man and monkeys have done since time immemorial.

    Wank on!

  141. Officer Brie of the Wank Police Avatar
    Officer Brie of the Wank Police


  142. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell


  143. Dave Wank Avatar
    Dave Wank

    Well if you are than that’s certainly a poor choice of language for a lady.

    A lesson for us all there.

  144. Captain Correllis Wankolin Avatar
    Captain Correllis Wankolin

    I’ve just been reading some of these posts and it reminded me of an ‘A-List’ celebrity that I saw in the street the other day.

    I was walking down the street on my way to the post office to get my road tax, when who pulls up next to me and asks for directions to the “Powerhouse Nightclub”? Well, it was none other than Sam J Jones, the moderately famous star of the movie Flash Gordon!

    Now, comparing him to how I remember his persona in the movie, he’s certainly let himself go. From just looking at him sat in his rustly little Vauxhall Viva I could see by his gut that he had been “living the good life”. I would have not believed it was him had his notoriously long member not been erect, pronouncing its presence by elevating his fat stomach above the steering wheel.

    “Hey Handsome!” Sam called with a horny smile and a glint in his eye. A glint that I had read about in Timothy Dalton’s autobiography. A glint that he got when he was horny. A glint that he was notorious for. A glint that I found strangely aluring (for a straight man).

    “You know where abouts the Powerhouse nightclub is?” he asked. At this point I wasnt even sure if he really wanted to know directions, or was just making conversation to suss out if I was gay – not that it would have mattered from what I read about Sam in Mr Daltons book. “Sure” I said. “it’s just up the road – how’s about you give me a lift there because I’m going to the post office just around the corner from there?”. “Would love to” Sam replied, “I would DEEPLY love to”.

    Anyway, I climbed into the decrepit little Vauxhall and saw on the dashboard, a large gallery of polaroid photographs of naked young men, each with a name and date. Sam then pointed to a space on his dashboard and calmly said with steel-cold conviction “thats where you’re going after I’ve ripped your colon apart”. Of course, I was a little taken aback partly because he so abruptly cut-short the pleastantries, but mostly because I thought “I dont want my colon ripped apart!”.

    Anyway, Sam sensed I was uneasy about the fate of my arsehole and to “seal the deal” began reciting lines from the Flash Gordon movie. This of course was more than enough to convince me, and I was bent over the back seat of his Viva quicker than a flash (pardon the pun). It didn’t take long for the fat bastard to navigate the car to an abrupt halt on the high street and mount me like an unforgiving elephant. He didnt even give me time to pull down my Levis, and penetrated my anus through the strong denim – he’d done that before! With every stroke I couldn’t help thinking “jesus this fat bastard weighs a tonne” but I didnt mind, I was getting fucked after all, by Flash Gordon.

    Anyway, the screen idol wasn’t riding me for very long before he climaxed, shouting “Flash is COMING!!!” and then discarded me like a used condom. He quickly took my photo as I lay in a sweaty, bloody, cum-covered heap on the cheap pleather interior of his car, then ordered me to get out, shouting “get out of my Viva you cheap whore”.

    Obviously its not the most conventional circumstances to meet a screen idol, but it still counts. Although I’m sure if I’d met a star that was less-renowed for being a sexual predator, I’m sure it would have been a tale that I could have shared with my wife and kids however I dont regret it. My only regret is that I had to go straight home following the encounter as my bleeding arsehole was on show to all through the hole ripped in my jeans – I never got my car tax renewed and was subsequently fined £100 for having out-of-date car tax. I tried to reason with the DVLA but they wouldnt beleive my story – what a bunch of cunts.

  145. Charles 'DDT' DeHomm Avatar
    Charles ‘DDT’ DeHomm

    Mr Wank,

    I too initially thought Kendall Maxwell was indeed a chap with a meat helmet, oh the mirth!! The lady doth protest too much, maybe she has the painters in or my spider senses tell me should could be a lezzer from the island of lesbos. Anyway, muff divers are ok in my book as long as they’re not pug ugly. I find myself thinking of my cottage in Dorset when I hear the name Dave Wank as I used to be in ‘contact’ with a Colin Wank who originated from the Isle of Man. Colin was a strange fellow who would wear crop tops in the winter with the word ‘Army’ scralled across. He had an IQ of 28 and collected used tea bags. One year he asked me to marry him, i told him it wouldn’t be good for either of us as I had just finalised my second divorce from Tom and Colin had never been in a ‘same sex’ relationship. Once he’d tasted Charles ‘DDT’ DeHomm, (a fact I’m very proud of) I screamed ‘Get up off of that thing.’ to which he replied ‘Papas got a brand new bag’, I did have a new bag, to pass my piss into!!.

    Colin Wank, where are you? Most probably dead in a gutter having been buggered by a group of men. Here’s to you Colin.May you rest in pieces.

  146. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    OK,1,I was mad ‘cos everyone kept thinking I was a boy.
    And 2, Be grateful I bleeped myself. If I were,like,REAL mad, I probably wouldn’t have,so you can stop criticizing people…oh wait,I have a better idea…go jump in a cement mixer!
    And WTF is a meat helmet???o_O

  147. Charles 'DDT' DeHomm Avatar
    Charles ‘DDT’ DeHomm

    Ms Maxwell,

    A ‘meat helmet’is a term used in the British Army to describe a fellows genitalia i.e. a penis. Other descriptions I have heard include; middle wicket, the old chap, ebony wand, doctor lovefuck and Jeremy Beadles Lovestick.

    There is also no need to BLEEP any words as we’re all adults here, well your not if you are 13 but you may have the body and mind of a 16 year old so that makes you an adult in my book!!

    If you have any questions about generally growing up or puberty then I’d be happy to answer them, after all I once was a young lady.

    May the force be wit chu.

  148. Ian (eyeballs) Balls Avatar
    Ian (eyeballs) Balls

    It saddens me but I think that this blog may have strayed from the point a little.

    These grils have to understand that if you want to change the world you can’t go around spreading a message of hate and bloodlust. Yeh, it’s sad, but there comes a time when even rascism isn’t funny anymore. Back in the 70’s it was ‘cool’ to be rascist, but know if you so much as look at anyone with curly hair and thick lips the wrong way that people will come down on you like a tonne of bricks! I mean, come on society! Make your mind up!

    I mean, i’ve got nothing against black people as a whole…someone has to eat all the fried chicken and pick the cotton for my fruit of the loom sweaters, but i can only take so much!

    I’m a security guard at a very highly respected store and i was just minding my own business when i caught a you black youth playing on a PSP(playstaion) in the store. Obviously he didn’t have a recipt so i confiscated the device and focibly removed him from the store. Yeh, he said it was his and that he brought it into the store with him, but how likley is that? At the end of the day, devices like that don’t come cheap and i’m sure he wouldn’t have been able to scape together the neccesary amount of cash after getting his cornroles put in and buying oversized pants.

    Apparently the store was contacted by his mother, who threatened to sue and i was sacked. Can you belive that?

  149. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    Shut up dude…just SHUT UP!All of you…;_;

  150. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    Shut up dude…just SHUT UP!All of you…;_;.

  151. David Bonner Avatar
    David Bonner

    If you try to look past my unique “Gollum” looks, I’m sure you will appreciate my fine lyrical genius and passable guitar playing.

    Granted I’m no Jimi Hendrix (in fact I’m probably worse at playing than these 2 little nazis) but at the end of the day its about feeling the music, not necessarily playing it very well.

    Anyway, as I say, I recommend a listen:

    P.S. Can Officer Brie of the Wank Police stop emailing me. I’m sick of him telling me not to wank. I just wish he’d fuck off.

  152. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    Yeah,I;m getting sick of him,and I don’t even know what wanking is.I’m so confused…>_

  153. David Bonner Avatar
    David Bonner

    / **
    \ **________
    * * ! \
    * ! – > > > > > > >
    *________! /
    / *

    a cock

  154. Rodney Chicago Avatar
    Rodney Chicago

    If thta’s an accurate representation of your penis, then i feel very sorry for your girlfriend/boyfriend.

    I had a listen to your music as well Mr Bonner and was seriously considering suicide for the 5 (or was it 20) minute duration of one of your songs.

    In summary:


  155. David Bonner Avatar
    David Bonner

    Suck me off you fucking bellend!

    that’s right bellend!!

    / **
    \  **________
      * *       ! \
       *        ! -  > > > > > > >
       *________! /
    /  *

  156. Sir Colin Pubicbone Avatar
    Sir Colin Pubicbone

    Who is this Bonner cretin? I’m here writing my latest novel (an Angela Lansbury inspired story called ‘A Murderer she Groped’) when i stumbled across this site and was intrigued by what i read. I found many of the posts to be well worded and in the main, well constructed. I read till the end and to my shear horror, viewed the comments from Mr Bonner. He sounds like a real twat, to the point that his music makes me feel like drinking my own sperm, to take away the horrid taste that his musical words have left in my mouth.

    Now, I’m all for free expression, my 2 best sellers have been titled ‘Gangata Trippin and Me : The Lionel Blair Story’ and ‘Mucky Fingers and Ginger Mingers’ which both sold hundreds of copies to critical acclaim, but I don’t come on message boards and try to ‘sell’ myself do I, I can do this on Clapham Common (a joke for homosexuals in London).

    I do wish Mr Bonner all the look in the world as his modeling days are certainly behind him and God loves a tryer.

    Does anyone know of any UK rappers out there who can claim to be as good as Eminem as I’m interested in writing a short piece on this?

  157. Wendy Drubbing Avatar
    Wendy Drubbing

    As a part time daughter and mother i know just where these girls are coming from.

    My neighbourhood used to be a great place to live, but it’s rapidly gone to the dogs. Now i’m not saying that it’s totally the fault of the black community, but i’ve heard lot’s of unsubstantiated rumours and innuendo that 70% of the crime in the area was caused by one elderly black gentleman lawyer and his wife.

    Now it’s not my place to say whether there’s any truth in these rumours or not. My job is to pass them on to my friends and neighbours and let them make up their own minds. I did feel a little guilty when his house was set on fire however…..i remember thinking “I wouldn’t be laughing so hard if it was me in there”, but what can you do? The street had decided to take matters into there own hands and that was the end of it.

    He certainly won’t be purse snatching and teabagging anyone from inside that iron lung i can tell you, and so i think we can be proud that we went that bit extra to make our neighbourhood has become that little bit safer.

  158. Rich Avatar

    Word up babygurl, you say dat choo is a part time daughter and muvva, well what is you the rest of the time? I bet choo be bangin dicks for fun huh? Ha ha ha ha babygurl, Black Power knowz where its at man, and is totally down wid dat shit bitch. In fact, I got a couple of ho’s dat me and sum homeys bang when we be wantin to empty our balls into some warm pussy, and I bet choo is just the same as them woman – all nice and respectable usually, but when the doors is closed, and them pantyhose come off you be banging any mutherfucker who can fit in yo pussy, screamin “FUCK ME NIGGER, FUCK MY ASS!!!!” Ha ha ha woman, I know whut you bitches is like! Blackpower has fucked millions of them bitches, you is probably one!!!!

    you be seemin to sound a bit rascist and shit, but I got the perfect solution to dat bitch. I come knockin and yo door, and you be screamin at me “get off of my front porch nigger!!” then I take out my dick and you be like “damn boy, i gotta get down wid dat shit!”, and I be like “sho thing woman, Black Power gonna fuck you up – fuck you up GOOD!!”. Then before you knows it, I be fuckin yo tight pussy, and choo is askin for some more dick, so my homies come round and bring a couple of bitches each. Anyway, before y’all knows it you be getting banged from all angles by big fuckin dicks and you is getting down wid some fuckin bitches.

    Whoa man, dat shit is makin me HOT!! Blackpower dont jerk off tho, he got bitches to do that shit for him. I think i’m gonna go find some bitches to go bump and grind wit.

    Erm, rascism is bad and shit man. And that hitler motherfucker, well he wuz one crazy ass nigger motherfucker.

    Peace and love.

  159. Blackpower Avatar

    Sorry y’all, some crazy ass mutherfucker christened my ass “Richard” when Blackpower wuz young. I’ve always told momma dat I hate that name – stupid bitch.

    Anywayz, y’all kno dat I is called Rich now but nobody ever calls me it – especially bitches, they be to busy screamin and hollerin “fuck me boi, fuck my ass!!!”. ha ha ha, i love to fuck bitches.

    anyway, back to fuckin my bitches.

  160. Andy Avatar

    Please refrain from all the profanity and racial epithets. If you feel the need to use such language please get your own fucking blog.

  161. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    I can do an emoticon of a guy who is “packin”! Watch:

  162. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    Oh no…don’t give me this no comment crap where I’m the only one to comment in a long time! Please,no…(T_T).

  163. Peter Duncan Avatar
    Peter Duncan

    Sorry, I think everyone is a bit scared since that little bitch started complaining about using our right to free speech. I mean, whats the big fucking deal bitch? Had I known that this blog was managed by Stalin himself, others and myself may have neglected to post here in the first place.

    What a bellend!

  164. T.Dalton Avatar

    I think you may have overstepped the mark there Peter.

    God help us all.

  165. Peter Duncan Avatar
    Peter Duncan

    I apologise to all that regularly visit this blog.

    I have let down my wife, my children, and most of all myself.

  166. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    You talkin’ to me? YOU TALKIN TO ME????!!! (~_~)

  167. Peter Duncan Avatar
    Peter Duncan

    shut up fool!

  168. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    What’s going on? Have I done something wrong to make you not comment? Plz Tell Me!! VI miss you guys! Really! T_T

  169. Craig Oranjiboom Oklahoma III Avatar
    Craig Oranjiboom Oklahoma III

    well post something interesting then!

  170. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    Like what? The fact that Left Eye was an idiot Driver? PETA is just a bunch of liars who have nothing better to do? Brandy is a vegan? Someone told her that they put drugs in meat! She’s that gullible? She actually believes that bupkis? They’re called preservatives! They don’t count as drugs!

  171. loveless1991 Avatar

    Sorry Boner, I’ll go with Red Ryder’s classic. That song is still a good one.

  172. D. Boner Avatar
    D. Boner

    Yes, well thats a matter of opinion yes? and in this instance your opinion happens to be wrong.

    I am a serious artiste and do not appreciate unfounded slander. I spent 5 weeks writing that song (WITHOUT ANY GODDAM SLEEP I MIGHT ADD!).

    So for you to come swanning along and criticising my music is quite simply absurd and out of line. Hows about I come along and criticise the way you tie your hair, or the way your father smokes his pipe?

    Yeah, thats right – STAND DOWN!

  173. T.Dalton Avatar

    Hello one and all. I hope you had a lovely Christmas and that all of your dreams came true.

    Personally i was busy working on the channel 5 adaptation of Scrooge. I was cast as Tiny Tims pimp (it was an updated version) and let me tell you, blacking up 5 times a day certainly gives you an insight into how our darker cousins live. I’m not sure the white lips and eyes were neccersary, but hey, that’s channel 5 for you.

    Anyway, i thought i brought a much needed tenderness and kindness of spirit to Mr Pipes (the pimp), especially during the pistol whipping scene.
    He was a complicated character, and perhaps not an ideal employer, but without him Tiny Tim would have had to gone back to making scat films and making anal beads for Mr Scrooge so perhaps he shouldn’t be judged too harshly.

    The funny thing is that one night i forgot to de-black (as we say in the industry) and ended up making love to that sly bitch Moira Stewart.

  174. Chinese Jim Avatar
    Chinese Jim

    Is that the real T Dalton, Timothy?

    I only ask as I hope it is you and that you remember me. This is Jim Chi-Wong, I was an extra on the smash hit Living Daylights, you used to call me ‘Wongy’ and ‘Hupperdink’. My God they were great days. I look back on them now with glee and at my Xmass get-to-gethers I tell great tales of our adventures, do you remember thos thai prostitutes and the meat clever???? Great days man, great days.

    Not long after Daylights ‘wrapped up’, the work began to dry up. I was a little typecast as a Chinese/British arms dealer which meant not many parts were available. I moved back home to Washington (UK) and set up my own takeaway. Because of our great times together the menu number ‘007’ is not Chicken Chop Suey but Chicken T Dalton in a Sweet and Sour sauce, a very popular choice may I add.

    Keep well old friend.


  175. Craig Oranjiboom Oklahoma III Avatar
    Craig Oranjiboom Oklahoma III

    Jim? Is that really you? it better be, because Timothy Dalton already caught me out by posing as you on That smarmy sod already tricked me once by arranging a rendez vous with ‘you’ in a small off-licence on Bridge Street in Bolton.

    It turns out that the small ‘off license’ was actually a motor car, that been cleverly disguised as an alcoholic beverage outlet, and as I entered the ‘shop’ I was bummed within an inch of my life by some famous actor from the early eighties.

    Anyway how are you Jim? You still keep in touch with Coolie Chong, and Cho Li? I havent seen either of them since I took advantage of Cho on her 16th birthday. Man, she was wild.

    Anyway, write back.

    Big Love, Craig.

  176. Chinese Jim Avatar
    Chinese Jim


    You crafty butcher, how are you man??!! Of all the websites, my God, I can’t believe it. It doesn’t surprise me that you fell for the old ‘alcoholic beverage outlet’ again, I remember in ’88 when it happened the first time, four days later you woke up with a kidney missing, that damn organ black market. You’ll never learn, anything for a taste of the good stuff, alcohol I mean, not spunk.

    Coolie and Cho got married late in ’96 and now run an Indian restaurant in Hyde, Manchester (UK). It’s called the ‘Kwok Man Bengally’ and is one of the most popular places in Manchester. Apparently their chicken tikka chop suey is to die for, and 3 people have died so far so it must be good.

    Keep tagging the line man.


  177. Wig Wam Bam Avatar
    Wig Wam Bam


    I heard about these two on ABC a couple days ago.

    This is awful! I cant believe this type of thing goes on. Surely their parents are liable to be prosecuted for inciting racial hatred or something? This is horrifying.

    P.S. Theres always a some asshole(s) that has to ruin a serious blog (see above comments).

  178. Captian Tripod Avatar
    Captian Tripod

    I don’t sweat my balls off working 24 hrs a day, shoveling crap and taking abuse off young women and streetwalkers alike so that these two can swan about plucking their guitars (and our hearts) and then sit back and watch the royalties flow in.

    If anyone is considering shooting them both dead in the street, then i say all power to them.

  179. Kendall Maxwell Avatar
    Kendall Maxwell

    Yeah, my grandma taped it for me a few months ago and actually only their mom is responsible, not their dad. He said he was disappointed.

  180. Rick Cole Avatar
    Rick Cole

    One question re: 7/13/2005 Terry Fierstein’s entry. Did he type his comment with lines thru it or was his comment crossed out? He gave you the accurate facts about zyklon b.

    It is possible to question the accuracy of the holocost legend without denying that it ever happened.

  181. Jeff Avatar


    After knowing you for many years, and sharing many family holidays with you at your login cabin in Lake Michigan, I was somewhat suprised at what you wrote in your column in “Anglers Monthly”.

    Whilst you may think that I am a “closet homosexual”, and that my wife gives “the best blowjob this side of New Jersey” I would appreciate it if you kept these thoughts to yourself.

    It seems the social taboos that you were intent on exploring during our last visit have left a lasting impression on you. At the time I was not keen on “a swap” not because I am repressed, but because you’re wife looks like a fucking hippo and as such, it wasnt a fair swap. Whilst you no doubt had a good time boning my wife, I spent my time cleaning the George Foreman grill instead of accepting your good lady’s offer to give her a “donkey punch”.

    Now I think if anyone’s got to feel short-changed with the outcome of that night it has to be me. Cleaning the grill as my wife gets nailed – I didnt even use the grill!! I dare say, I did have the chance to some action and suppose it is only my own fault that I couldnt bring myself to have sex with a giant pig.

    Your old friend,


  182. Your Intellectual Superior Avatar
    Your Intellectual Superior

    Bloody hell, is Oscar Yaeger here too? This subhuman neo-nazi untermensch maggot was spewing his fascistic bile on another blog somewhere earlier….what a waste of flesh, I agree with whoever made the abortion comment (even if it was applying to those nazi Olsen clones).

    I’ve just had a thought–why don’t we fight the degenerate racist parasites with their own methods? Like you could go around wearing jackboots and using them to viciously cave in the heads of anyone wearing a swastika armband, or use language like “inferior” to describe them. I sometimes hear the term “disgrace to the race” used by supremacists (of any colour) to insult people of their skin colour who have mixed race kids, gay partners or whatever else the hatemongers are fashionably against these days; i think it’s time to use “disgrace to our race” to describe the racists themselves, who are ruining it for the rest of us…..if you see what I mean. I hope i made all this clear, I’m a little tired at the mo’ but the basic gist of it is: racists are cunts.

  183.  Avatar

    oh and chinese tim–i can confirm that timothy dalton (the 4th james bond) did indeed appear in a channel 5 xmas special, it was pure torture i tell ya!

  184. Rick Cole Avatar
    Rick Cole

    Hi guys,

    I got these 2 emails saying that there were 2 replies to my comment. After reading the 2 comments after mine, I see they are not related to my comment. I read upwards thru the previous posts to find a relevant comment, without success.

    Ten years ago when I was new to the web, I joined a few newsgroups to learn and share about things I was interested in. No good came of it. Each group had 1 or 2 people who wanted to talk and the rest were just losers who flamed everyone.

    This is a waste of a terrific medium. I will check back in another ten years. Rick

  185. Errol Avatar

    yeah maybe, but come on dude, you must have laughed at it. Especially “the the best blowjob this side of New Jersey” part.

  186. Max and Monty Avatar

    Thanks for such a great share! My son\’s all time fav toy is Thomas and his friends. Max and Monty

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