Possbile UK Law: Drunk Women Can't Consent to Sex

Men who have sex with drunken women will be at risk of being convicted of rape under new laws to be considered by ministers. The legal shake-up would mean a woman would be considered incapable of giving consent to sex if she had been drinking heavily.

What if the man is drunk too? Is he excused from his behavior?

How drunk is too drunk?

What if it is two lesbians?

What if the man is drunk and the woman is sober?

Guys, here’s your out:

Say, ‘Can you hand me that condom?’

That establishes 1) she is conscious enough to understand you and 2) she wants to engage in intercourse and 3) she understands the need to use a condom.






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  1. JB Avatar


    Actually, I’m sure I’ve seen this idea bandied about before…

  2. Lyle Lachmuth - The Unsticking Coach Avatar

    Good suggestion….

    And, good to see ya posting again!!

    Have a super New Years Rocking Eve!!


  3. Craig Oranjiboom Oklahoma III Avatar
    Craig Oranjiboom Oklahoma III

    Cant give consent? I dunno about THAT!

    So lets say you’ve been working on a lady for a couple of hours, buying her a few drinks etc, having a good time together, conversation flowing etc, then she suddenly suggests that we both go back to hers.

    We hail a cab, and she’s all giggly on the way back to hers, whispering sweet nothings in my ear, even nibbling it a little, and telling me what she wants – SHE’S GAGGING FOR IT!

    Alright, she’s a bit drunk – we both are – and so we stagger up to her door and then she opens the door, she trips over the loose carpet near the door and nearly falls over. I think to myself, “look, she’s hot, but she’s drunk, and I dont want to feel like i’m taking advantage”. So I suggest that we exchange numbers and I get a cab home. She then calls me a wimp, and precedes to stip BOLLOCK NAKED in front of me, then screams at the top of her lungs “roger me senseless big boy”.

    Now she was drunk, theres doubt about it – but you cant get any clearer consent than that!!! I’m as honorable as the next man, but there was no way I was gonna turn down that ticket to Rocks Off Town – even if she had fallen asleep by the time I took my belt off.

  4. Dave Punting Avatar
    Dave Punting

    I think that in order for consensual sex to take plce, both (or more if you’re lucky) participants need to be awake and fully compus mentus.

    I belive that what you did sir, was rape that young woman.

    How did she feel in the morning? Did she remember anything? Did you tell her what had happened?

  5. Craig Oranjiboom Oklahoma III Avatar
    Craig Oranjiboom Oklahoma III

    Tell her? nah, why?

    How can it be rape?

    Ok lets say that you were having sex with someone then they fainted or something and blanked out. They werent compus mentus but they had given consent. does that make you a rapist?

    What about if you’re shagging someone with a dicky heart, and as you’re at it they have a heart attach and die. While they spaz out for a bit you just think its cos you rock, but they’re actually dead. Does that mean that you are a necrophiliac?

  6. Dave Punting Avatar
    Dave Punting

    Those are good questions, and just the kind of debate that i wanted to see.

    I wonder how long it will take for the police to smash you veneer of logic and uncover the monster lurking within.

    Serious replies only please.

  7. Craig Oranjiboom Oklahoma III Avatar
    Craig Oranjiboom Oklahoma III

    Now you’re just being sexist.

    I bet if I fell asleep and she carried on riding away it wouldnt be rape?

    no? didnt think so.

  8. Dave Punting Avatar
    Dave Punting

    Now that’s a different kettle of fish entirely and it opens up a whole new can of worms.

    Would it be possible for a woman to rape a man in this way? Surely for that to happen the man must be aroused, and then does his arousal amount to consent. I would say that in the majority of men, yes it does, but accidents do happen.

    How many of us have woken up at a party or in an allyway to find a less than presentable specimen working her last few remaining teeth up and down the morning wood? I think it happens more that most of us would care to admit.

    How many of these crimes are reported? Precious few.

    Isn’t that a crime in itself?

  9. Craig Oranjiboom Oklahoma III Avatar
    Craig Oranjiboom Oklahoma III

    I think everytime a ‘munter’ consents to sex with a man wearing ‘beer goggles’ this should constitute as rape. This is because there would be not a chance in hell that I would have given her the goods if I had realised how fat she had been.

    i still feel sick thinking about it. I was so drunk i didnt even notice how big the dent in her mattress was until the mornign after. Man, what a fat heffalump – she gave me a cracking blowjob in the morning before I left though.

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