Pentagon Plane Crash Drill in 2000

I sort of forgot about this when I heard about it right after 9-11. (via Eschaton)

The fire and smoke from the downed passenger aircraft billows from the Pentagon courtyard. The Pentagon was a model and the “plane crash” was a simulated one. The Pentagon Mass Casualty Exercise was just one of several scenarios that emergency response teams were exposed to Oct. 24-26 in the Office of the Secretaries of Defense conference room.

So much for ‘no one every thought someone would hijack planes and fly them into buildings.






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  1. Isaac Stolzfuts Avatar

    I am an 84 year old x-Amish gay artist living in Lancaster, PA. I read your blog for the first time today. I especially enjoyed reading that Mr. Bush (I refuse to use the title “President”) has spent 40 % of his time while in office on vacation. In case you didn’t know, your photo is adorable.

    IN OTHER NEWS…..RICHARD CLARKE CLAIMS: Jesus didn’t do enough to prevent his crucifixtion!

    “The Savior ignored repeated warnings from me about the threat posed by Judas Iscariot” says Richard Clarke, in his latest interview with 60 Minutes. “I want to be the first to apologize to Christians everywhere on this Easter weekend that I failed you.”

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