Pelosi Condemns DeLay

Via Atrios:

Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) surprised Republicans by gaining the House floor just after a 6:30 p.m. roll call, when the chamber was nearly full. Before they could rule her out of order, she introduced a resolution condemning DeLay (R-Tex.). GOP members sat stone-faced as the House clerk read the resolution’s summation of the House ethics committee’s four admonishments of DeLay’s conduct, three in the past eight days.

Hey – DeLay – isn’t that a French name?






2 responses to “Pelosi Condemns DeLay”

  1. RcktMan Avatar

    Why stop with DeLay? There’s a whole roomful of puppets, bigots and idiots that she could have laid into.

    The whole party is corrupt and evil.

  2. didier Avatar

    I’m french and I confirm DELAY is a quite common name which means :
    hedge (or hedgerow) a line of small trees in the countryside.
    good luck

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