Paris Hilton Graces LA Pride Festival

(thnx for reminding me to vent on this Cerda)

I thought it was sort of suspect to have Paris Hilton as the Grand Marshallette of the LA Pride Festival. She seems to reinforce every possible negative stereotype of the gay community: functionally illiterate, strung out on drugs, anorexic, obsessed with plastic surgery, cloyingly coy, crawling with VD and a county despository for lonely semen. She basically says nothing for the lesbian side of the coin as well.

The board directory defends the decision:

She has a fan base and audience base. When she talks about issues pertaining to our community, I believe it will have significant impact.

When the fuck has Paris ever said anything about anything besides ‘That’s hot’? She could be drenched in her own waste and she’s still manage to gurgle ‘That’s hot’. We expect to her to be some sort of champion for equality or civil rights? This girl was born with a silver boot stuck up her ass.

I guess this is like so LA.






3 responses to “Paris Hilton Graces LA Pride Festival”

  1. palochi Avatar

    “She could be drenched in her own waste and she’s still manage to gurgle ‘That’s hot’.”

    Shhh… that’s her next film release.

  2. Sam Avatar

    I thought that was her last film release.

  3. myke Avatar

    your summation of negative gay stereotypes was quite on the mark … and scott is right as well, she’ll gurgle that’s hot no matter what is dripping down her throat.

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