NYTimes: 2000 Elections Disenfranchised Black Voters (3 Years Late)

Greg Palast – in his usual whimsical tone – smugly notes that the story he covered and tried to break to a reluctant, pussy-whipped American press is finally being acknowledged by the Paper of Record. (Note to Paper of Record: How can you be the paper of record when you insist that people register to read your stuff? Just a thought.)

Truth is – the New York Times participated in the media blackout, just like everyone else did. But don’t worry – the rest of the world knew about it. It was just our dumb luck to have a press that rolled over on it’s lazy ass and begged to suckle some more. I highly recommend Palast’s The Best Democracy Money Can Buy – he is my favorite muckraker along with Eric Schlosser (Fast Food Nation). The complicity of the news media in not reporting this story was just a taste of things to come to this Look at the fags! (Not the body bags!) diversion we have right now.

Danny Schecter reports:

?What? ? he shouted at me on the phone.? You must be kidding.? He couldn?t believe it because the New York Times refused to carry the story at the time when it might have done some good. It didn?t even report on the Civil Rights Commission?s findings it references in the editorial, only on Republican OBJECTIONS to those findings. You would think that the ?MASSIVE PURGE? they cite in 2004 might have been news fit to print back in 2000. The Washington Post carried Greg?s article on the subject but not until June 2001. The NATION ran it and followups earlier. CBS News wouldn?t run it, Greg was told by a staffer, because Harris office denied it.

If you think the neocons are hijacking Christianity for their own bigoted, close-minded, imperialist goals… just hear the deafening silence as the very foundation of democracy gets flushed down the pisser.

Kurt Vonnegut was right:

And those now in charge of the federal government are upper-crust C-students who know no history or geography, plus not-so-closeted white supremacists, aka ?Christians,? and plus, most frighteningly, psychopathic personalities, or ?PPs.? PPs are presentable, they know full well the suffering their actions may cause others, but they do not care. They cannot care because they are nuts. What has allowed so many PPs to rise so high in corporations, and now in government, is that they are so decisive. Unlike normal people, they are never filled with doubts, for the simple reason that they cannot care what happens next. Simply can?t.

The Florida elections madness and Enron were two of the major political events that really activated me into exploring under-reported perspectives and stories. Again, read Palast’s book: If you think the Jews or the Republicans or the Freemasons or whoever run the world – you’re sadly mistaken: it’s the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund. Blow your own mind.






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  1. Jaspreet Avatar

    Andy, I found your website through my roommate Beth. I just wanted to tell you that I really enjoy your site and feel like I learn a lot. Thanks for sharing!

    Andy..never trust the US media. I learn more about US events from CBC, the BBC and al jezeera. CNN isn’t even allowed on in my house,(with the exception of Larry King and Anderson Cooper…obvious reasons) never mind FOX news. (why is it that every news clip has to have a title and theme song?)

    I do have to say as a “foreigner”, it’s hopeful to see America finally wake up from this bad dream.

    (I fgiured out my comments situation. So newbie it’s embarrassing)

    Fear might be a great motivator but when used by your own, it’s worse than terrorism.

  2. Andy Avatar

    Definitely. I get most of my news either from Alternet or Democracy Now or recently, Flashpoints – a ‘sister’ program to Democracy Now from Pacifica Radio. I just sent them $25. They had a guy in Haiti talking about the CIA’s effort to destabilize the country (as usual we just can’t keep our fucking hands out of South America)… the pain and grief in his voice and deep shame in the acts being committed in the name of his country was very moving.

  3. mark Avatar

    It must be hard to know “it” is done for the good for the USA. It’s sad that it always means some poor/other country gets screwed.

    There is a huge diference between being “the best” and being “your best”.

    What’s good about NOW, is more Americans are realizing what “we” have experienced and known for years. (esp the last 4 and the Regan era)

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