Not Another Teen Sex Panic

(from MeFi)

Greenlighters are an emerging underground movement of sexually promiscuous teenagers, including bisexual, homosexual, and heterosexual members. Members of this movement wear a green polo shirt with the collar up, indicating that they are open to pretty much any sexual adventure. When someone comes up to them and puts the collar down, they are "collared" and will go with that person and do whatever sexual act they ask. Some parent groups are starting to get involved – urging parents to go through their kids clothes and confiscate green shirts and polos. 

Right – because actually talking to your kids about sex might be more difficult than rifling through their clothes. This smells of pointless hoax.

Newsflash: Teen kids have sex. They like sex. Sex feels good. You can either talk to them about it and help them make educated decisions or keep them ignorant so they do stupid bullshit like oh I don’t know trying to end a pregnancy by having their boyfriend stomp on their stomach. At least this one moves past the guys victimizing girls motif and moves into gays victimizing everybody theme.






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