Newsweek Dumbs Down for Mouth-Breather Americans

Rebecca does some fun analysis of Newsweek reportage inside the US and globally:

Last week if you bought or subscribed to Newsweek outside the United States, you received a magazine (the October 2nd issue, to be precise) with this cover story, "Losing Afghanistan," about how U.S. efforts to keep the Taliban out of power may be failing. If you got the October 2nd issue inside the United States, however, you received a magazine with a cover story about the celebrity photographs of Annie Leibovitz.






2 responses to “Newsweek Dumbs Down for Mouth-Breather Americans”

  1. JB Avatar

    Hahaha! Great topic title!

  2. Adam Zimmerman Avatar
    Adam Zimmerman

    We get very different news coverage here in the states compared to the rest of the world. Several months back I found news footage on a German website of American soldiers in Iraq saying “Fuck Bush! and Fuck Iraq! I don’t care about any of this Bullshit! I just wanna go home!” A couple of weeks ago I ran across a BBC article setting the total Iraqi death toll since the start of the war at over 655,000. Most of the American public is walking around with blinders on. They care more about how much it costs to fill up the tank on their giant gas guzzling SUVs.

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