New Orleans Anthrax Labs

Russ Kick again proves his mettle for scaring the shit out of me: (via Defense Tech)

So with all the known and probable Level-3 biolabs in and around New Orleans, what’s happened to the infected animals? Are they free and roaming? Are they dead, with their diseased bodies floating in the flood waters? And what about the cultures and vials of the diseases? Are they still secure? Are they being stolen? Were they washed away, now forming part of the toxic soup that coats the city?



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2 responses to “New Orleans Anthrax Labs”

  1. palochi Avatar

    Could this be the real reason they’re pushing to evac the entire city – they’ve got no idea all that’s floating around in the soup? Or is it because they know exactly what’s in there and haven’t told the public all the details?

  2. sam Avatar

    I just thought it was called gumbo. Huzzah.

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