Nazi Pope Ratburger Moves to Resurrect Latin Mass

Hell yeah. Bring back the Gothic mass that scares the hell out of non-Catholics! Just please ditch the godawful folk-music movement and influence that has killed liturgical music.

Pope Benedict XVI is moving to facilitate a more widespread celebration of the pre-Vatican II Mass in Latin. Only a month after the Pope’s decision to create a new institute to accommodate former members of the schismatic Society of St. Pius X, Vatican officials indicated the Holy Father plans to release a document promoting celebration of the Tridentine Mass. Catholic News Service reported Oct. 11 that Pope Benedict will expand permission to use the Tridentine Mass, the pre-Vatican II rite favored by traditionalist groups, said an informed Vatican source.






5 responses to “Nazi Pope Ratburger Moves to Resurrect Latin Mass”

  1. Lyle Lachmuth - The Unsticking Coach Avatar

    What is up with this return to tradition?

    Let’s return to the days of the Inquistion….

    and buggering Choir Boys!!


  2. Bill Avatar

    Ahh, yet another step back in time when the world was such a nicer place to live in. Latin mass, it makes me misty-eyed. The Vatican cannot let all those other religious groups have their fundamentalist heydays without getting on the inquisitory bandwagon. Bend over choir boy, carpe diem.

  3. John O'Bryan Avatar
    John O’Bryan

    The mas is a simple time to reflect the denvinity of man.It not a mystery that there is life after death;the mystery is that there is life.Peole will follow the old saying power corrupts.Refect inward to see why we are here.When we move past the time of what’s in for me we can feel the peace that any religon offers.Will return to days of old or turn another page as the battered churches of today try to live in this E society.Peace from the chior loft……

  4. sam Avatar

    Mass is a time to make people feel either guilty or good enough to throw cash in a tray.


  5. Mike L. Avatar
    Mike L.

    Actually, folks, most of the abuse of young people took place after Vatican II.


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