Nails Rumsfeld to the Wall

I really think that journalists should have a searchable archive of all the press conferences and presidential speeches on their laptops so they can do exactly what this journalist did on Face the Nation.

Flash video (50k).

Also: California Congresscritter Henry Waxman commissioned Iraq On the Record which cites over 200 lies that Bush and his cabinet told the United States and the world in the run-up (and run-off) to the war.






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  1. Christian Avatar

    “Lies” is a funny word choice, one that implies willful deceit. Last I heard, there was still some question about whether deceit or lack of accurate information was to blame.

    Also, I am certain that numerous examples of “lies” or inaccurate quotes can be found for ANY politician out there. Don’t try to claim that Mr. Kerry has always been accurate and/or truthful during his political career. I’m not going to say Bush is a saint. But it’s hypocritical to point out the flaws of “the other side,” when the same flaws exist on “our side.”

    I’m not saying jack about Kerry – he’s not the man with the powre – yet (and he isn’t squeaky clean).

    If people still feel that George W. Bush tells them the truth and nothing but they need to consider the post-9-11 EPA findings in NYC or misrepresenting the cost of the Medicare bill. Does it make it more okay if I say ‘misleading statements’?

    Kids are coming home with their arms blown off. Saddam was not an imminent threat. He did not have WMDs. Preventive war or pre-emptive strikes are war crimes. The mission was not accomplished.

    The arrogance of this administration never fails to surprise on a daily basis.

    We are not safer.

  2. Andy Avatar

    More analysis:


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