Madonna's Racist Adoptions

Analysis on the Vanity Fair article about Madonna from Spiked editor Brendon O’Neill:

Madonna is gushing about her adopted son and everything that he ‘represents”. And what is that, exactly? Cohen explains: baby David is a ‘living totem of life as it was lived before machines”. In other words, he’s a simple, wide–eyed, primitive being who helps to remind Madonna about what is really important in life as she jets from one photo–shoot and session recording to another.

Are YOU an African country ravaged by Aids and parched by drought? Fear not! Simply call Madonna! This fabulously wealthy white women from the West will solve all of your problems with a few fleeting visits, some looks of pained concern for the paparazzi, and a couple of million quid in donations

He goes on to highlight the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s takeover of Namibia so their child could be born in the cradle of civilization.

In cahoots with the Namibian authorities, Brad and Angelina -– or ‘Brangelina”, to use celeb–speak -– had a no–fly zone enforced over part of the country. Non–Namibian journalists had to seek permission to enter Namibia from both Brangelina and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

(Quoting Mahmood Mamdani) "in treating Darfur as ‘a place without history and without politics”, celebrities and others clearly give ‘the implication that the motivation of the perpetrators lies in biology (‘race’) and, if not that, certainly in ‘culture’”."






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  1. JB Avatar

    “living totem of life”

    It was about that point my cynical lobe spat out “pet” followed rapidly by “object” and “toy”

    This is a *person*

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