Little Orphan Shirley

(Home. Shirliey Bassey’s rendition of ‘As Long as He Needs Me’ plays on iTunes. Andy sings along)

Ron: You know that song?

Andy: Yeah. It is from Oliver!

Ron: No it is not.

Andy: Yes honey.

Ron: Shirley sang this song first.

Andy: No she didn’t. Oliver! is about an orphan named Oliver. I know. We did the show in middle school.

Ron: She played the sister.

Andy: Oliver didn’t have a sister. That’s the point. He was an orphan.

Ron: Then it was that other show. She played one of the adults.

Andy: Annie?

Ron: Yeah.

Andy: No honey. Oliver and Annie were not brother and sister.

Ron: And they were separated at birth because they didn’t want them growing up together.


Andy: Goddammit that’s Return of the Jedi!



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2 responses to “Little Orphan Shirley”

  1. Maria Avatar

    Tell Ron that you were an awesome ?Finnegan? You were the one that was the leader of the pickpockets right? Or was that Jordan? Sorry- too long ago to admit or remember really….

  2. Brigitte Avatar

    I just wet myself laughing.
    If you don’t start writing the Andy and Ron Show soon, I’m gonna slap you.

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