Kringles and Bubblers

Ron confirms that in Wisconsin Danish pastries are called Kringles and water fountains are called Bubblers.

Is he pulling my leg again?

Please confirm.






3 responses to “Kringles and Bubblers”

  1. Brigitte Avatar

    As you know, I am not from Wisconsin. However, I have heard my Wisconsin bred friends use both of these terms.

  2. gunmetalblue Avatar

    LIES!!! All Lies! *looks around all paranoid like*

    Hehehe… YA I grew up with teachers calling those things bubblers, it was the way it bubbled up the water. but I dont think many students called them that, I always called it a water fountain myself.
    As for danish pastries? I dont know.. There is a german or norwegian pastry called a kringle… not sure how many kringles there are… Kris Kringle wasnt a wisconsinite 😉

  3. Chad Avatar

    I don’t remember anything called “a Kringle”, but it may be more of a north-WI thing. N and S WI are almost separate states.

    Bubblers are a *kind* of drinking fountain. They have them placed all around the WI Capitol bld. It looks like a birdbath with a big metal nipple in the center which sends a spout of water straight up for an inch or so. Just like a bidet, actually. You put your mouth right down in it, and you don’t suck up any air like you do with the more common drinking fountain. It’s a lot easier to drink from, but there is a remote chance that someone else’s spit could recirculate.

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