Just Like Heaven

Wow does this movie suckity suck suck. I mean it is BAD. Reese Witherspoon plays a date-less (yeah right) doctor (yeah right) who gets attacked by a semi-truck and haunts her apartment that Mark Ruffalo rents and only he can see her and isn’t that just the funniest thing since polio? Hilarity does not ensue. Reese’s character is essentially a Terry Schiavo without the benefit of Bill Frist standing on her chest and the movie completely lacks a deadline for the first 90%. It is BAD. It isn’t even third-rate date movie stuff. YUCK. OMG. Don’t do it!






7 responses to “Just Like Heaven”

  1. Scott Sherman Avatar

    I respect your opinion, but I hate to think of a world where a Reese Witherspoon movie can be ALL bad. I mean, doesn’t excessive cuteness count for anything? What’s next – a bomb from Meg Ryan (oops – already happened)?

  2. Ron Avatar

    Ironically, I also watched the DVD this past weekend. I could not agree more. The movie is a complete STINKER. I was amazed at how completely bad it is. And I am a huge fan of both Reese and (the fantastic) Mark Ruffalo. Big disappointment. I did not even like the apartment with the amazing “view” if SF Bay. I figure Mark and Reese simply had to pay for new swimming pools, or something like that.

  3. David Avatar

    I’d still lick Mark Ruffalo’s crack…

  4. sam Avatar

    Andy, your passion fills me with pleasure.

    I thought Reese was good (not Oscar-worthy, but good) in Walk the Line.

  5. Sven Avatar

    I agree but still got a lil teared up.

  6. Sven Avatar

    … cause im a girl.

  7. Sven Avatar

    …. a really big girl who cries alot at dumb movies that will be rotating on TBS in 5 years.

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