James Dobson's Exclusive Information

James Dobson on his exclusive information from the White House regarding Miers:

Why would I not do that? Because it was a confidential conversation and I’ve had a long-standing policy of not going out and revealing things that are said to me in confidence. That may come from my training as a psychologist, where you hear all sorts of things that you can’t go out and talk about.

Too which Crooks and Liars replies:

Aren’t you breaking your code by revealing that you had a conversation with Rove in the first place?

Dobson also:

I think it’s a mistake and maybe even an ethical problem for people to do that—to go out and brag about being a player on the national scene, maybe to make themselves to look important. You know, I just wish that didn’t happen like it does and I certainly didn’t want to be part of it.

Sort of like how you’re doing?






2 responses to “James Dobson's Exclusive Information”

  1. Gigamatt Avatar

    Do they actually listen to themselves? I think not.

  2. Jake Avatar

    I wouldn’t even wipe my ass with James Dobson.

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