I've Got That Boom Boom

Yesterday afternoon the floor in the main room vibrated with some trance CD. I moved my teleconference into the kitchen in case callers would be able to hear the music. I called the building manager and left a message.

Music started again last night at 1 AM. I again called the building manager and left a message.

This morning a guy from downstairs raps on my door and is all pissed off that I called the building manager. He insists none of his folks were home that late so the 1 AM music couldn’t have been them. I mean really, I’m hearing the bass through my fucking bed.

He works from home too. He’s a music promoter.

Re: yesterday afternoonss rave he said that he has a tiny speaker system just like I do and had it only turned up to like

2 decimals.

Yes folks.

2 decimals

He gave me his number to call in the event the music ever gets loud again. The total dumbfounded look when I asked Could you turn it down? was a little jarring.

My scalp is tight.






14 responses to “I've Got That Boom Boom”

  1. Bingo Avatar

    Gerr… that drives me crazy! That drives me crazy just reading about it- you sould just go out and buy the biggest speakers you can find and lay them face down on your floor! Yes I am childish!

  2. palochi Avatar

    I completely feel for you on this one. We have a woman two floors below me who has jam sessions in her apartment. Amps and everything else. Two floors below, and it rattles stuff in my apartment. Building management won’t get involved – supposedly, you’re allowed to do whatever you want to in your apartment between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm. That’s what I was told. The only time any of us in the building can do anything about it is if she goes past 10 pm, which involves calling the police and making a complaint. Luckily, it only happens every couple of days and once a month or so past 10 pm. Nobody should have to put up with this crap.

  3. palochi Avatar

    One suggestion – find out where the circuit breaker box is located. We did this once when Yoko Ono on the first floor got out of hand. She had no clue and started knocking on doors to ask if people’s power was out. You’d have to do it very covertly, of course.

  4. Andy Avatar

    between the hours of 8 am and 10 pm

    I’ve been surfing the Chicago Dept of Housing to see if this is codified anywhere. I even looked up how easily it is to buy a decibelometer.

  5. dad Avatar

    we can move you to a new place in a month…….

  6. Dan Avatar

    Invite him and let him listen to the sound….

  7. Andy Avatar

    we can move you to a new place in a month…….

    Dad – you’d love that! See folks, I come from a long line of movers. Mom used to go out for groceries and we’d all get bored and move the house around. And now that my dad’s been lifting weights – he’s ready for it all!

    Except that godforsaken television.

  8. sam Avatar

    Maybe you should look for a decimalometer?

  9. malelib2003@yahoo.com Avatar

    In spite of my latest blog-rant on homeownership, you suddenly made me realize it’s all worth it. Why? Because I remember going through this every time I moved into a new apartment.

  10. jmflynny Avatar

    I, once, made the mistake of living in a downstairs apartment. The neighbor above me had parties on a regular basis and, while I am more than tolerant, they eventually crossed the line. It happened one night when, around 0130, not only could I hear every word of the Saturday Night Fever album, but I could actually hear every footstep while they did the hustle.

  11. andrew (london) Avatar
    andrew (london)

    Sound sometimes travels in a funny way. There is someone at work who is being accused by his neighbour of loud music at 3am several times a week. It definitely isn’t him, but the neighbour is convinced.

  12. Andy Avatar

    I feel slightly vindicated because my parents compalined about the noise when they stayed here last week. And Ron woke up at 5:30 this morning and said he couldn’t believe there was still music going on.

    I’m faxing the leasing agency today to start a paper trail.

    I also realized that if these guys are music promoters they probably have no sense of hearing so ‘2 decimals’ is like ‘11 – so it’s one louder‘ for me.

  13. pero Avatar

    How did his guests have conversations over 2 decimals of anything? They must have had to talk at at least five decimals to hear themselves.

  14. palochi Avatar

    And still no reply from the landlord? This isn’t a Zale Management apartment, is it?

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