Category: Apartment Trauma 2004

  • Moved.

    Alan was able to help Ron and I move today so it all happened pretty fast. We almost fit it all into one van-load. But had to come back for a smattering of extra stuff. Phone line not working yet so I’m here at a cyber-cafe. DSL turns on Tuesday.

  • Epilogue

    This was left on my welcome mat this afternoon. I guess I hit a nerve. Read the full letter.

  • Termination

    Typed up a letter of termination. Went to Citibank to get my cashier’s checks for the new place. Went to the new place’s management company’s office and signed the lease and paid for the first month. Taxi’ed to the old idiot management company’s office. Walked in, announced termination and watched them deal with it. They […]

  • Awaiting Approval

    Hopefully found another apartment today. Not ideal. But nice location (Barry & Broadway) and quiet. Credit check pending. Cats allowed. Carpeted floors. Futher bulletins as events warrant.

  • Here Comes Upper Class

    Thought I had a great clinch on an apartment. The lady just called: I make too much money. The apartment is controlled by the HUD and you can’t move in if you make more than $52K. The adventure continues.

  • Flux

    As I wrote last week there seems to be a confluence of stressors lately. It’s strange. It goes beyond ‘when it rains, it pours’. This is like a crucible. It’s like there’s a lot of small and large pressures coming from all sides that the only way to survive is to purify. I know that […]

  • Visit from the Police

    You’re not going to believe this bullshit. The music from the neighbors downstairs has been loud every night. Sometimes until 2 in the morning. I’ve tried knocking on the door and nothing has happened – it’s too loud and they can’t hear me knocking. So tonight I stomped on the floor. Probably five times. Just […]

  • SBC Idiocy

    So I get this nasty letter from SBC saying that I’m abusing my local toll calling plan. Dumbasses. The reason I’m using a local toll call for hours at a time is because my SBC DSL has been screwed up. How’s that for a corporate silo? I took the short cut and went to Best […]

  • Confluence

    There is a strange confluence of stressors lately – I mentioned/earlier it below. And further: SBC says my DSL modem is broken. I’m going to go get one at Best Buy and try it out before I buy one from SBC again – I know they won’t service it until I buy it from them. […]

  • Stolen Towel

    As any Douglas Adams fan knows, a towel is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitch hiker can have. Mom had ordered some fancy towels for my new digs and they were en route to my abode. I come downstairs this morning and in the stairwell is my package. And it’s been opened. […]