Iraq War Leaves Us Over-Extended, Over-Exposed

From Democracy Now: 

And what it says is, while we’re fighting a war in Iraq, we have to depend on the charity of other countries, including donations like $25,000 from the tsunami-ravaged country of Sri Lanka or $1 million from Bangladesh, one of the poorest countries in the world. Those offers are being accepted because while the U.S. is fighting a war in Iraq that we’re being told is designed to make us safer, it makes it impossible for the U.S. to provide even their own citizens with this kind of basic protection.







2 responses to “Iraq War Leaves Us Over-Extended, Over-Exposed”

  1. KipEsquire Avatar

    It’s a misrepresentation to say that “we have to depend on the charity of other countries.” We don’t.

    One might even dare say we’re being generous by taking the money — sort of like when our moms pretended they enjoyed the Mother’s Day breakfasts we made for them when we were six.

    Reality is somewhere between the two extremes. It’s a nice, welcome, yet unnecessary gesture.

  2. David Avatar

    There is no way our taking the money could be considered generous. Considering the fact that the current administration has not comprehension on how to responsibly spend the money we pay in taxes.

    We are overextended on spending due to the War on Terror in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and in trying to justify intrusive legislation such as the Patriot Act. We give money freely to other countries that we currently don’t have and now we’re expected to go further into debt paying for Katrina.

    So the reality is we need the money. Even if it is a token donation of $25,000, that money can be used to fund the initial $10 billion in Katrina spending that was approved and the additional $50 billion the government wants to spend on helping the victims.

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