Honor Killing: German Man Stabbed Wife to Death, Set Her On Fire

On trial in Munich:

“I don’t regret that I killed my wife.” He would do it again. She would have earned it. And above all the politics of the Federal Republic of Germany are also guilty of her death. Why: “Because the women here have so many rights, they become immodest”…. The crime of the young woman: she wanted to get a divorce. Dozens of people in the Maier Leibnitz street witnessed the killing. The man stabbed the woman who had just divorced him 13 times. Then he ran to his car, took a can with gasoline, went to the mortally wounded but still living woman, poured it over, and set her on fire. “I wanted to kill her”, he says now before court. And: “I do this if I am a man”.







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  1. ERS Avatar

    As one who’s worked on the “honor” killings situation for years now, I have to say, these accounts never cease to sicken me. Some people have just really, really lost their moral compass.

    Ellen R. Sheeley, Author
    “Reclaiming Honor in Jordan”

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