Homocon on Fred Phelps and Democrats

Homocon chimes in on Fred "God Hates Fags" Phelps and his party affiliation in ‘Democrats Hate Fags (Like Me)’:

You know Fred Phelps, he of "God Hates Fags" fame, protester at Matthew Shepard’s funeral and poster-boy of the gay left’s attempts to portray Conservatives as right-wing homophobes? Turns out that Phelps is a full-fledged, registered Democrat!

Then later on:

[I]t seems only too obvious to me that the Democratic party is the party of hate, hypocrisy and treachery. I, for one, am not about to be convinced by the likes of one-issue, sexual-identity-obsessed gay leftists to rally my support for such a sorry and pandering edifice as the modern Democratic party just because I’m gay.

It gives me pause because I consider the Republican party the same thing: the party of hate, hypocrisy and treachery. Could it be that we’re both right? (There I go being a typical lefty – looking at the nuances.)







3 responses to “Homocon on Fred Phelps and Democrats”

  1. David Avatar

    Trying to figure out where either party stands on the issue of homosexuality is not easy. For example, take former Massachusetts governor William Weld, who is a Republican and supports same sex marriage.

    I’ve given up on trying to figure Phelps out after finding out that he used to be a civil rights lawyer. I can’t figure out how someone could be a crusader for civil rights, then decide “I don’t agree with this group, so I’m going to become a fag hating preacher.” That’s too big of a contridiction for me to deal with.

    Please forgive the previous posting to the comments, was trying to toggle to something else, and wasn’t paying attention to the fact I didn’t have the alt key depressed…

  2. sam Avatar

    Andy, you know better than to read the thoughts of a gay Republican. You will only come away confused and gassy.

    “…gay left’s attempts to portray Conservatives as right-wing homophobes?

    I thought it was more like intellingent people trying to portray violent, homicidal homophobes as violent, homicidal homophobes. I guess one man’s duck is another man’s orange.

  3. tim Avatar

    Fred Phelps is no more a civil rights lawyer than Saddam was a loving president. google his name and you’ll get his biography. He represented a few black people so termed himself a civil rights lawyer. It’s a complete lie. As for Homocon I can understand what he’s saying since Clinton gave him an invite. I mean yes the thing is probably automatic but it’s just so wrong, he’s been doing his anti gay bashing for a long time and they should have distanced themelves. But living in Oklahoma where it’s been all democrat for 100 years i don’t see how they can bill themselves as pro gay. A few of them yes, but give me a conservative that believes in live and let live any day. It’s a twisted world and gays shouldn’t trut either of the parties to be there, at least Bush hires gays and has never said anything more than that he doesn’t believe in gay marriage which is common even in gay poeple. The amendment thing pissed me off though. btw nice site

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