Harry Potter and the Prison of Azkaban

I don’t like the Harry Potter movies. They exist in this hermetically fantasty world where nothing seems to have any consequences. Granted, Azkaban is much darker and more adolescent but Harry seems pretty un-fazed by the events around him. I don’t believe the grief of the loss of his parents – he’s not wounded enough. Effects were fine as always. Acting so-so. Time travel Mobius strip was fun. But the film seems more like a harmless theme-park ride – a ball-less unventure.






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  1. Sara Avatar


  2. caroline Avatar

    harry potter needs mental help.He is a showoffy gay. I personally think that Ron`s mom loves him.If J.k.Rowling thought that when she made harry we could relate to him she was sadly mistaken.

  3. Queen_B Avatar

    yeah well u can go f*ck urself cuz the HP movies r way cooler than ull ever be!!!!!!!!! EAT S*IT AND DIE MOTHERF*CKERS!!

  4. Queen_B Avatar

    and also, i agree w/sara up there and totally wish caroline would get hit by a train!!!! like my name says, im the queen bitch! not only is dan gorgeous, hes a good actor. hes a lot better than some ppl…..*cough*jamie&britneyspears*coughcough*……not mentioning names or anything! ;P

  5. Clayton Rockafella Avatar
    Clayton Rockafella

    Queen B, I’m not sure if you’re away but you did actually mention a couple of names there. If it was a mistake you could probably contact Andymatic and ask him to amend your post.

    As for what you think of HP, his acting is a bit ham.

    What I would like to see in the next movie, would be Paris Hilton playing a major role, but on set she was tragically mutilated by a big piano that falls on her head by accident. Mainly because I cant stand her, and besides getting her tits and pie out now and then, her contribution to our society is generally vapid.

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