So everybody got together and sang and got to feel good about themselves and what happened? Not much but I couldn’t quite figure out why I wasn’t into the whole event. George Galloway, again, hits the nail on the head:

[What] Bono and Geldof were doing, which was protesting to ask the G8 Summit for favors, to beg, as we saw it, for a few more crumbs from the rich man’s table. And in doing so, we felt that they were fetishizing the power of the G8 leaders… And they were handling the G8 leaders as if they were the potential saviors of the world, while completely ignoring and sidelining the harm that they were doing.

And I like Adam Curry’s remark that he’d’ve felt better about it if everyone hadn’t been wearing so much jewelry on stage.

But come on – we all knew how this was going to turn out:

  1. Bush would ignore global warming and refuse to talk of American curbing consumption.
  2. They’d push African nations to privatise their services (usually turning them over to outside investors) because this has worked so well in Central America.
  3. Shifty money magic to make sure that nothing really happens – aid sent will be embezzled by corrupt dictators. 






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  1. Zack Davies Avatar
    Zack Davies

    I think the only way for securing poverty elimination is by empowering the African’s.

    Europe as a looming energy crisis, Africa could supply energy. How, by using solar panels which could bring in revenue for each village. Surplus energy not used could be directed into the European Grid, cutting on our carbon emissions drastically and quite probably saving this planet.

    All the leaders at the G8 are not interested in the lives of African’s, only in the interests of their respective countries.

    The bombs in London were tragic, but compared with the deaths everyday in Africa how can we call ourselves human. Bob Geldof didn’t succeed, none of it will prevail unless western businesses making vast profits from Africa are shown and shamed into giving back what they have taken.

    It is time that capitalism should be made accountable for it’s negative actions.

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